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Duane Wells | December 18, 2007

Older British white women get their groove back in Kenya

Seems Stella ain�t got nothing on the gaggles of British white women who are reportedly traveling to Kenya for amorous, often times unprotected, hook-ups with much younger African men.

Common for years among British men who traveled to the African nation to engage in sexual liaisons with young locals of both the male and female variety, sex tourism has only recently gained cache among British women.

Apparently, the situation has grown so serious, that it has gotten the attention of the Kenya Tourist Board, which obviously frowns on the trend as it is not in line with the organization�s long-term strategic plan for marketing the destination. Even hotels are discouraging the trend by refusing to change hotel reservations from single to double rooms for the randy British ladies anxious to shack up with their new African lovers.

Ah, l�amour�

A bear�s birthday in Berlin�

Before any of you go getting too excited, let me be clear that I�m talking about a bear of the animal variety rather than the kind that frequent dark leather clubs. More specifically, I�m referring to the famed Knut, who sparked a firestorm of interest last year when some animal rights activists protested the Berlin Zoo�s intervention to keep the then cub alive after he, along with his twin brother, was rejected by the mama bear that gave birth to them.

Not surprisingly, those same activists who would have effectively allowed the adorable Knut to die a year ago, were quiet last week as the Berlin zoo celebrated Knut�s first birthday with much fanfare, which included offering kids free admission to the zoo so they could dine on cake and party with the now healthy, bouncing 240 pound-plus bear.

Over the past year, Knut has generated more than $14 million for the zoo through sales of Knut toys, books and other trinkets, and by drawing more than double the number of visitors. Now who says winning isn�t the best revenge?

Who really is the fairest of them all?

What�s in a name, you ask? A lot if you happen to work for the cities of Coral Gables and Orlando, which have been engaged in a battle royale over the right to use the nickname �The City Beautiful.�

Seems that Orlando has used the nickname since at least 1908, while Coral Gables has used the moniker since 1933. All was going along swimmingly with both cities using the nickname until last year when Coral Gables filed an application for a federal trademark seeking exclusive rights to the name, which royally pissed off the folks in Orlando, who promptly filed an objection blocking the application.

Fortunately, a full on showdown between the two Floridian cities was averted when officials representing both localities recently agreed to play nicely and share the name.

Now the only question that still remains is whether either city should in good conscience call itself �The City Beautiful.� For the record, as a native Floridian, I�ve spent a bit of time in both destinations, and while I might characterize both as �pleasant� or maybe even �pretty,� beautiful is not a term I would invoke to describe either.

Does anyone care about truth in advertising anymore?

Tea at the cemetary anyone?

If you happen to be in Ahmadabad, India, the question above might not seem so strange.

At the very popular New Lucky Restaurant, guests dine on milky tea and buttery rolls, among other delicacies, in the presence of shin-high, green hued graves that are scattered all over the nearly 40-year-old eatery. Sounds charming.

According to published reports, the restaurant, which is built over a centuries-old Muslim cemetery, is also quite the romantic spot at night, when candles are arranged on top of the graves to create ambiance. How very romantic. – Gay Link Content

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