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Hawaii Valentine's Hot Nude Yoga Retreat

November 16, 2005

HAWAII — Bring a Valentine on your yogic Journey to Hawaii, or be a Valentine in paradise.

Relax, rejuvenate and energize mind, body and soul in the paradise called Hawaii & Hot Nude Yoga.

When: Feb. 11 - Feb. 18 - 2006

The focus for this week of bliss will the be the integration of a yogic lifestyle into everyday life, lead by Aaron Star and Jared Sam. Throughout the week, morning yoga sessions will be offered as well as afternoon or evening sessions every day. The sessions will center around unlocking latent potential and learning how to use Yoga as a springboard for life-enhancing empowerment.

The afternoons will be left for participants to enjoy the sun, surf, and all the beauty that Hawaii has to offer. When there are no sessions, there wil be excursions to explore some of Hawaii's ancients treasures, or guests can take their own excursions and experience some of her beauty - her volcano's, her waters and wildlife.

Those considering joining the trip should already have experience practicing yoga. Be prepared for a week in one of the most beautiful and remote places in Hawaii. There is no room service, and many cell phones don't work in the area, (there is wireless internet service for those who have their own laptops,) and while there is no mini bar, guests will be surrounded by beauty.

Participants may also stay and extra week and do the Hot Nude Yoga Teachers Training Intensive in Hawaii.


KALANI, Hawaiian for "heaven on earth," is located on the lush, tropical southeast coast of Hawaii, the Aloha State's "Big Island." KALANI uniquely celebrates nature, culture and wellness by providing a variety of eco-adventures, events and comfortable accommodations. For over 30 years, KALANI has been a soulful place of refuge and renewal for worldwide guests.

What to expect?

Throughout the day, guests will enjoy some of the finest culinary offerings in all of Hawaii at Kalani. The meals prepared by Kalani chefs are sure to be a highlight of your stay. Scrumptious vine-ripened produce, such as fresh papaya, pineapple, bananas, yams and breadfruit will enhance the predominantly vegetarian cuisine. Dinner will include a fish or poultry option for the more carnivorously inclined.

As for the local beauty, gorgeous sandy beaches will be at guests' disposal. Although cars are not needed, cars may be rented to take touring farther afield. Guests may want to visit the beautiful Green Sand Beach, see the live Volcano, go 14,000 feet up to Mauna Kea, or take a day trip up the beautiful coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Rest and Relaxation

Unlike other retreats, the focus of this retreat is not to workshop or yoga guests to death. Instructors will offer a robust daily yoga practice, and still give guests ample time to enjoy the luscious and serene beauty of this tropical paradise.

For More information visit www.HotNudeYoga.comGay Link Content

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