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Online booking
A new survey reveals that gays and lesbians (79%) are more likely than heterosexuals (54%) to say they most often go online to book hotel accommodations for personal travel.
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Google Gaga
If you haven't done it yet, you should. Beware, however, once you begin, you may never be able to stop. Doing it is addictive, fun and sometimes feels a bit naughty. But you just have to Google.
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Bill Gates, say it ain't so
Unless you live in a deep dark hole in the ground, there is a Microsoft product within three feet of you. Decades after Henry Ford put our hands on a steering wheel, Bill Gates put our fingers around a mouse. Read more

Media survey
According to a recent nationwide survey conducted online, the media consumption habits of lesbian, gay and bisexual adults are different than those of heterosexual adults.
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Cell phones and Cable TV in US
According to a recent nationwide US online survey, eight in 10 (79%) gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) adults have cellular phone service compared to a slightly lower percentage (72%) of heterosexual adults. Read more

Black-and-white digital photography
If you're a fan of digital photography and would like to print the occasional black-and-white photograph, pay attention to how well a printer handles black-and-white work before you make a printer purchase, also how to avoid making backing up data a chore. Read more

Technology conquers winter fashions
Technology has conquered the latest winter fashions with clothing keeping you not only warm and dry but fitted with anything from a cell phone display to multi-media or lighting systems. Read more

Digital cameras are worthless if they run out of battery power
If you plan to take your digital camera with you on vacations abroad, think carefully about batteries when you're purchasing it; Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail programs make it easy to distinguish which e-mail messages you've looked at from which you haven't Read more

Free video arcade games
Fans of 1980s video arcade games have lots to cheer about, they can now log on to a free web site and play everything from Pac Man to Qbert. News on video cards, skins and the dangers of monitor flicker. Read more

Goodies from Google
The old adage that 'you get what you pay for' still generally holds true but thanks to some new goodies from Google, you can get a lot of fun and useful software for nothing – at least for now.
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Saving on batteries
If your digital camera accepts standard AA batteries, don't use traditional Alkaline AA batteries.Use rechargables. It might cost you more initially, but you'll save in the long-run.

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Want to know how U.S. President George W. Bush must feel in his search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

IT and Web briefs
Experts give handy hints on what to look for when buying a notebook computer; how to pick your digital camera; where to find IT and tech news in one place.

How the digital revolution is reshapes news
Cheap digital technology is revolutionising the way news is gathered, disseminated and perceived � and in doing so, it is stoking a controversy. Over the past weeks, the world has reeled to the pictures of US troops abusing Iraqi prisoners and the beheading of US contract worker Nicholas Berg.

Sony chief sees electronics shift by 2006
Global consumers will soon demand personal choice in cross-functions among TVs, computers, digital cameras and mobile phones, ending the era of mass production by 2006. New Internet technology was prompting convergence between electronics and entertainment giving users on-demand choices.

New DVD camcorders make filming easier
DVD camcorders can write directly to eight-centimetre diameter blank DVDs. The advantage of these systems: the films are immediately archived onto DVD and can be viewed on a standard DVD player hooked up to a television.

Seiko Epson develops first 40" organic EL display
Seiko Epson, a leading inkjet printer maker, said Tuesday it has developed the world's largest organic electro-luminescence display, which produces clear images while requiring little power.

Sony, Ninitendo do handheld combat in new gaming war
Sony Corp. showed off a new portable video game device Tuesday that promises very high-quality graphics, a challenge to market leader Nintendo Co. Nintendo's GameBoy Advance has essentially cornered the handheld market since its debut in 2001.

Researchers develop 3-D search engine
computing researchers have developed new search engines that can mine catalogs of three-dimensional objects, like airplane parts or architectural features. The user sketches the object and the search engines produce comparable objects. More

The car of the future is all about safety
First, a flashing light alerts you that a car coming up behind is about to pass you. Then a tiny camera lets you survey the entire manoeuvre, blind spot and all. Suddenly, a computerized voice warns you to slow down. When you ignore the warning, your car automatically brakes - Volvo's car of the future.

Microsoft unveils new copyright software
Microsoft Corp. is unveiling copyright protection software to allow rented songs or movies to be used on portable players, cellular phones and other devices. The company's latest "digital rights management" software, code-named Janus, was released Monday.

Digital SLR cameras: performance, affordability
Have you been yearning for an affordable digital camera that feels and acts like your film camera of old? Lots of people have - and their wishes have come true.

The major issue for those setting up such an ethernet network is whether to go with a Fast Ethernet or a super-quick Gigabit card. "For a traditional home network, you can get by with a so-called Fast Ethernet card," says Markus Bauer from Munich-based computer magazine "PC Professionell."

Sony develops paper DVD
Electronics giant Sony and another Japanese company have developed a "paper disc" that can record more than two hours of high-definition images and be destroyed with scissors for foolproof data security, officials said Monday.

PDAs for dummies
When linked up with a GPS sender, a PDA can show its owner his exact position, even in strange cities or the forest. Personal Digital Assistants have long since made their move out of the realm of mere notepads.

MS makes $1.6 bil peace with Sun
The deal between the longtime bitter rivals came in conjunction with announcement of a broad 10-year agreement on technical cooperation which could help lift Sun out of its recent slump.
  • MS battles for future digital Hollywood
    A voice over IP goes legit
    Yet thanks to DSL and other new technologies, the Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), as Internet telephony is known, is seen as the future of telephoning.

    Google rankings scorned
    Though the site is still there, it's almost impossible to find using the leading search engine, Google, after a routine shuffle of its results-ranking formulas. Site owner Allen Price laments that one large company can make or break a one-person operation overnight.
  • Google offers free email


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