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Technology conquers winter fashions

October 22, 2004

Munich — Technology has conquered the latest winter fashions with clothing keeping you not only warm and dry but fitted with anything from a cell phone display to multi-media or lighting systems.

The British producer Berghaus is offering a fleece vest and gloves fitted with so-called Heat Cell Technology. Heating for up to three hours is powered by a battery that works without sensitive heat wires, according to the manufacturer.

Nike has developed a so-called Comm-Jacket mainly for tour ski operators. It is fitted with an integrated microphone and earplugs and a plug for a walkie-talkie. The system is operated with a keyboard on the chest that can be used with gloves. On the long term the company is working with Motorola to combine it with a cell phone.

An integrated Control Pad can also be found in the sleeve of a winter jacket produced by O'Neill to operate an MP3-Player or cell phone. An MP3-Player comes along with the jacket.

The world's "first communications and entertainment anorak" selling for 500 euros is also fitted with a Bluetooth module. Calls can be accepted over a headset integrated into the collar. The MP-3 Player can be stopped with a button to accept calls.

The Bavarian firm Marmot Mountain Europe has developed what it calls the world's first jacket with an integrated lighting system that is fitted into the sleeves and the hood. The jacket is selling for 750 euros.

The new technology makes it possible to read maps in the dark or to carry out small repairs. The anorak also offers more safety because it can be seen from a great distance in the dark. It was designed mainly for mountain climbers, mountain guides and mountain rescue workers. – Sapa-dpa

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