Hot Citro�n Xsara Picasso for fast people on the move

European design and styling specialists Sbarro have produced a unique version of Citro�n's top selling people mover, the Xsara Picasso, one which meets the "kit car" rallying regulations, but which still has seating for five, albeit in racing seats with full racing seatbelts!

The Citro�n Xsara Picasso Cup is powered by a 175 kW 2.0 litre version of the 1.8 litre petrol engine normally found under the bonnet of the Citro�n MPV and this is matched to a six speed manual gearbox. 

Massive 19 inch alloy wheels with 255/40 series tyres complete the lowered sports suspension and stopping power is provided by four huge 370 mm disc brakes.

But, aside from the massively flared wheel arches and deep front 

and rear body extensions, the most outrageous change to the Xsara Picasso's body is the replacement of the four standard doors with two enormous gull wing doors. These not only provide access to the front and rear seats, they also allow substantial strengthening of the body shell so that it can cope with the much greater torsional stresses caused by racing and rallying the much more powerful than standard Xsara Picasso Cup.

"Before anyone asks, we have no plans to go racing or rallying with the Xsara Picasso," says Miles Williams, General Manager for Citro�n. "But the Xsara Picasso Cup does show what can be done with the Xsara Picasso, especially as it has the same genes as the Xsara Coupe VTS and the world-beating Xsara Coupe WRC rally car!"



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