The Kia Sorento redefines "butch".

The Sorento was designed with input from KIA customers, dealers and automotive experts around the world. �By bringing in customers and leading companies from around the world in the design and development of the Sorento, we have taken an important step forward in the development of KIA�s reputation for producing world-class quality at outstanding value� says KIA�s senior executive vice president, Mark Juhn. �The Sorento is a brand leading vehicle and marks a new direction for KIA�s product strategy.�

The basic concept for KIA�s premium SUV project was to design a vehicle that incorporates the fundamental roles of an SUV with the emphasis on utility and safety that exceeds customer�s expectations and surpasses the competition.

Sorento is targeted at customers who are looking for a well apportioned cross- over SUV vehicle that combines the ruggedness of the off-road with the comfort and smooth ride of a passenger vehicle. The Sorento will compete on value instead of price, a new strategy 

for the 21st century. The Sorento is targeted at the premium end of the SUV market. Internationally Sorento is expected to generate significant sales.

It will be aimed at customers between 35-45years old, mid management professionals, most of them married and family orientated who are practical and sensitive to value with a LSM of 7, 8 or 9. 

�We�re very excited about the Sorento and believe that Sorento will increase our market share in the growing South African SUV market, together with our ever popular Sportage which put KIA on the South African map. Sorento is a SUV that will put KIA on the international buying list as the most popular SUV as it�s a superb vehicle that exceeds customer expectations and delivers value for money� says Ray Levin, CEO of KIA Motors South Africa.

Sorento is targeted at the premium end of the SUV market and its major competitors in the SUV market. 

Sorento is competitive in all aspects when compared with the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Land Rover Defender.

The wheelbase of the Sorento boasts an impressive 2.710mm and its 1.580mm wheel tread is wider than the Mercedes-Benz M-class and BMW X5. The Sorento also has more interior space than the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Nissan X-Trail.

The Sorento�s design in terms of both interior and exterior scored very highly against its competitors in consumer clinics all around the world. In short Sorento captures the most sought after styling themes requested by its customers. 

The design concept of the Sorento focuses on space. Space between the driver and the vehicle, the space that encloses the passengers and the space that bonds the interior and exterior elements. 

The Sorento is based on a sophisticated European design with distinctive styling combined with powerful, aerodynamic muscular lines that make it an eye-catching addition to the KIA range. 

The refined, sculpted front view of the Sorento features a distinctive V-shaped grill with the KIA logo prominently displayed in the centre. The Sorento has a substantial high bonnet with high performing headlights and built in front and rear fog lamps on the bumpers, giving the Sorento a sporty and resilient front view with the promise of underlying strength and power.

The side view of the Sorento carries a sporty theme with sweeping large windows and a solid, sturdy D-pillar. The Sorento boasts an impressive 2710 mm wheelbase which is the basis of the Sorento�s stability while the 203mm 
ground clearance and moulded arches house solid 16 inch wheels and make it�s off- road capabilities abundantly clear. The Approach angle is 27.9 degrees whilst the departure angel is 26.4 degrees 

The large windows provide excellent all round visibility while flooding the interior with plenty of natural light. The side is available in a high-contrast two tone colour scheme or toned to match the body colour. Side mouldings add style to the Sorento with a two tone scheme.

From the rear, the side surfaces flow naturally into prominent clusters of headlights. A standard windscreen wiper on the back window provides greater safety and convenience. The rear incorporates a large, flip-up rear boot door and it rises to around 110 degrees to allow unrestricted access to the rear boot area. The rear spoiler with its high mounted stop lamp gives the Sorento its authentic and sporty personality.

The Sorento�s stylish interior leaves nothing to be desired. Upholstered in grey with wood grain mouldings, the passenger seats are both comfortable and elegant and features all the convenience that one would expect from a top-end passenger vehicle. The large windscreen keeps the interior light and airy while providing maximum visibility to the driver. 

The Sorento seats five adults comfortably, allowing plenty of head and leg room. Both front and rear seats feature adjustable headrests and the driver�s seat features lumbar and height adjustment. 

The driver�s seat also incorporates an 8-way power adjustment system to ensure the most comfortable, supportive position. The moulded seats are upholstered in durable cotton fabric. A leather upholstered interior is an option.

The rear seat comes with a 60/40 split to easily accommodate large storage items and the entire seat can be folded flat to provide an impressive 1900 litre�s of storage space. Even with the seats up, the Sorento provides 890 litre�s of storage space over and above the storage facilities in the passenger compartment. Seating configurations are quick and easy to adjust, thanks to simple seat lock and adjustment mechanisms.

The interior has a refined yet sporty feel, combining ergonomic efficiency with premium comfort and convenience features. The driver and passenger areas are plushly carpeted and spacious enough to satisfy the most demanding needs for space. Keeping the passenger areas tidy is a whole range of storage areas. 

The armrests at the front and back both contain storage spaces and convenient cupholders. 

Power steering, central locking and a sophisticated temperature control system is standard, as are front and rear electric windows and an overhead console incorporating a map light, altitude meter, barometer and clock.

For the driver every control is carefully placed to allow the driver to keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road for the maximum length of time. 

The well-apportioned front dash central console houses the temperature control panel, audio system and a digital clock along with an air conditioner / ventilation grille. Also included are storage trays and a cupholder. 

The instrument cluster is designed to be read at a glance and features adjustable back lighting for night driving and an LCD odometer and trip meter.

The new 2ND generation CRDi engine displaces 2.5 litres and provides enhanced performance and fuel economy by accumulating and delivering ultra-high pressure fuel to the injectors. The injectors are electronically controlled to ensure perfect ignition timing and optimum combustion efficiency. 

The result is an impressive powerplant that delivers a maximum power of 104Kw @ 3,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 320NM @ 2,000 rpm. All that power is channelled through a crisp, solid 5-speed manual transmission sporting an enhanced synchro mechanism. 

In order to satisfy the demands of customers wanting a petrol Sorento derivative, during in the latter part of 2003 a 3.5 V6 DOHC petrol engine will also be available. The engine will be a 4 speed automatic transmission.

The Sorento�s state of the art four-wheel drive configuration with a selective four wheel drive system was developed by Borg-Warner. 

The selective four-wheel drive system allows drivers to manually shift between two-wheel and four-wheel drive of speeds up to 80km/h via a manual control on the dash console. The transfer case is equipped with a low range drive to meet the needs of challenging off-road situations. 

The Sorento�s Eaton carbon limited-slip differential quietly transfers power evenly between the rear wheels. 

The Sorento features double wishbone suspension supported by a Mac Phearson strut on the front wheels for superb handling and driving quality, while the 5 link setup at the back provides stability in rugged terrain, soaking up the most jaw-snapping obstacles with remarkable efficiency. The complete suspension system was tuned by Porsche.

Gases filled shock absorbers, developed by German manufacturer Sachs, are on all four wheels, these absorb vibration and provide a smooth ride even over rough road surfaces. Sachs also designed the Sorento�s self levelling system, which automatically adjusts the rear suspension when the Sorento is towing a trailer or carrying a heavy load. 

The KIA reputation for safety guarantees that the Sorento incorporates the very latest in accident prevention and protection. Extensive computer simulations and real life crash tests have provided the data necessary to ensure the maximum level of passenger safety. 

The Sorento meets or exceeds all safety standards and has been internationally tested to five star level in both front and side impact tests. The ventilated anti-lock brake system developed by Bosch technology is fitted to both the front and rear wheels of the Sorento. This will bring the 2 ton vehicle from 100 km to a dead stop in only 43.7 m. 

The ABS provides the most effective distribution of brake forces and ensures that the driver maintains complete control of the vehicle at all times.

The Sorento�s body on frame is mounted on a strengthened main chassis frame to provide both excellent handling characteristics and great structural rigidity. Collision forces are dispersed through the creation of crumple zones and cabin deformation is kept to a minimum, providing a highly secure environment for passengers.

Side impact bars with side impact sensors developed by Siemens and a heavy duty roll-bar help keep the passenger areas secure in the event of an accident while the Sorento�s highly rigid construction helps maintain the integrity of the body shell even in the most extreme conditions.

Driver and passenger airbags from industry leader Autoliv, the US based manufacturer of automotive safety products, are fitted as standard. 

An anti-theft system helps protect the Sorento from the unwelcome attention of its less scrupulous admirers, while child safety locks eliminate the potential danger of small fingers playing with the door handles.

Staying true to the KIA value equation of delivering value for money � the Sorento 2.5 CRDi retails for about R 300 000.

Plus the Sorento will also come with a 3 year / 100 000 Km warranty and is supplied with a 1year/unlimited km roadside assistance and 3 year / 60 000 km maintainace plan. 




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