Fiat Multipla - Drag Queen's delight 

Introducing a revolutionary idea: a passenger car that's designed around each of its passengers, all six of them. As you could well imagine, the aptly named Fiat Multipla offers something rather diverse from those in its class: 3x3 seating. That's three spacious seats in the front to compliment the three in the back. Needless to say, from the
outside, the new Fiat Multipla is nothing like you've ever seen. Step inside, and a world of possibilites awaits you.

The Multipla's 1.9 JTD power plant, like all Fiat engines, ensures refinement, reliability and exceptional fuel efficiency. But once you put your foot down, it delivers a first-class performance.

What's more, an array of features, such as high-mounted main beam headlights, electric fold-down side mirrors and advanced braking systems enhance the Multipla's flexibility, versatility and driving comfort - even parking is a pleasure. Its generous side windows, high seats, and low waistline ensure excellent visibility, whilst the rear downward visibility is one of the best in its category.

So whilst its unique styling may raise an eyebrow or two, those who drive them delight in the fact that they're the proud owners of what is arguably the best-designed passenger car on the road.



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