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Yes Nurse, No Nurse


A fantasy-musical recounting the adventures or rather misfortunes of Nurse Kliva and the residents of her Rest Home. The inhabitants of the guesthouse are very cheerful and good-hearted people whose open communal lifestyle is contrasted with the life of somewhat nasty and complaining landlord and next-door neighbour behind the wall Mr Boordevool.

Mr Boordevol is infuriated by their noisy goings-on and eager to have them evicted and has spent ages looking for the reasons to shut the Rest Home. One day a girl from the Rest Home meets a nice young guy called Gerrit and Sister Kliva lets him stay regardless of him being a compulsive burglar. Gerrit, now in love with pretty Jet is trying to reform. Will this give a chance to the insinuations of the neighbour? The Rest Home also acquires a new neighbour, the hairdresser Wouter, who seems to have some connection with Boordevol�s past.

When Boordevol�s house is burgled, suspicion at once falls on Gerrit, giving Boordevol the perfect excuse to have the Rest Home closed down for good. Things look even worse when Gerrit is proved innocent and Nurse Kliva herself becomes the prime suspect. But miracles happen. Mr Boordevol has a surprising change of heart�

Queer relevance: The film version of the original Dutch 70s TV series Ja Zuzter, Nee Zuster is high camp. Paul De Leeuw is openly gay and had his own talk show featuring several gay sketches and he was often in drag.-QSyndicate




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