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South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Title: Wave Babes
Director: Lisa Knox-Nervig
Specs: USA 2003 video 67min

Out In Africa Film Festival
With intentionally basic SFX, a sound-track that re-works old favourites and a stylised low-budget look Wave Babes is a fun, frolicking surfer-chick spoof of Blue Crush. Wrestling with life issues and facing the looming big 4 oh, Sam, Val and Maureen decamp to the beach to recapture their youth and to celebrate Val's divorce.

Interspersed between a trophy wife catfight, pool-boy seduction, old friendships and exes revisited, and bed swaps � the three heroines navigate the sexual quagmire that confronts lesbians, singletons and married alike. By neither taking themselves, or the film, too seriously, the filmmakers irreverently tackle these issues with rollicking humour.

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