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South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Title: Robin�s Hood
Director: Sara Millman
Specs: USA 2003 video 80min

Out In Africa Film Festival
Adding a post-modern spin to the legend, Robin's Hood is an engaging inter-racial love story where Sherwood Forest becomes the drug and poverty-ridden streets of Oakland, and the evil Sheriff is the institutionalised oppression that drives people to drugs and crime.

Big-hearted African-American Robin is a social worker who is fired for her conscience and dedication to struggling single mothers. In rides Brooklyn on her 900cc steed: a French-speaking, bank-robbing, bike-dyke.

They fall in love and, financially-frustrated and desperate to help her previous clients, Robin becomes the driver for Brooklyn's heists. She uses the money to uplift and change the fortunes of the citizenry for the better, until dramatic events force her to take more financial care of herself and Brooklyn.

  • Out In Africa

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