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South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Title: It�s In the Water
Director: Kelli Herd

Out In Africa Film Festival
This romantic, satirical comedy, is set in Azalea Springs, where the country club set rules - League membership is a must, big hair is still favoured and only hair-dressers and interior designers are gay.

A new AIDS facility at the local hospice, meaning contact with �those people�, leaves them stunned.

But the real frenzy begins with a rumour that the local drinking water is contaminated with something that actually �turns� people gay. Central to the action are Alex, a young belle with a distant husband and overbearing mother, and Grace an old school-friend, and journalist Mark, regularly attending Brother Daniel�s Turn-or-Burn meetings where he meets the gorgeous Tomas', who mistakenly takes the ex-gay meeting for an AA meeting.

It�s in the Water is a feel-good movie for both girls and boys.

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    Dbn Sun 4 / 4.15pm
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