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Romeo San Vicente | April 12, 2007

Nancy Drew Called Up for Sequel Redeployment

How's this for a vote of confidence? The Nancy Drew movie won't hit American theaters until June 15, but Warner Bros. has already commissioned star Emma Roberts (Julia's niece, Eric's daughter, and the star of Aquamarine) and gay director Andrew Fleming (Dick, Threesome, The Craft) to make Nancy Drew 2. Roberts and Fleming (and Nancy producer Jerry Weintraub) will also team up for Rodeo Girl, which will feature the young star as a high-society horsewoman (horsegirl?) who attempts to woo a cowboy by entering a rodeo competition. Nancy Drew takes the young sleuth from small-town America to Los Angeles, where she attempts to solve a case involving a movie star. Where she'll go in the sequel – or even when shooting will start on Nancy Drew 2 – remains a mystery.

McKellen Is King of All He Surveys

Sir Ian McKellen is known for much more than his bravura appearances in the Lord of the Rings and X-Men series, which made him a nerd icon. He's universally acknowledged as one of the greatest living interpreters of Shakespeare, and American audiences soon will get the opportunity to see him tackle two extraordinary pieces of theater, including one of the Bard's greatest roles. This fall, following a tour of the United Kingdom, McKellen will travel to New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis performing both Shakespeare's King Lear and Chekhov's The Seagull in repertory. Romeo does not exaggerate when he suggests that those not lucky enough to live in a city where McKellen is coming should consider traveling there for the occasion.

Deschanel Joins Cumming on the Yellow Brick Road

Romeo has reported that Alan Cumming is producing and co-starring in Tin Man, a miniseries with a decidedly modern take on The Wizard of Oz, for the Sci Fi Channel. But Cumming – who will play Glitch, a man who appears to be missing, ahem, half a brain – won't be alone on his quest to see the wizard. Zooey Deschanel (Elf, Almost Famous) will star as DG, a young woman yanked out of her normal life and plopped into the Outer Zone (or O.Z.), a marvelous place plagued by dark magic. Also joining the cast are Richard Dreyfuss (as "Mystic Man") and, as evil sorceress Azkadellia, Kathleen Robertson, whose queer film credentials include Splendor and Psycho Beach Party. Shooting began in March with a plan to premiere the miniseries in the US in December.

Nevermore? Hardly – The Raven Flies to here!

Edgar Allan Poe's haunting poem "The Raven" has had its share of screen adaptations – including the droll 1963 fright flick starring Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and a young Jack Nicholson – but leave it to all-queer-all-the-time cable channel here! to turn a brooding piece of Gothic literature into a movie jam-packed with sexy young men. Director David DeCoteau – who previously combined horror and hunks in cult classics like The Brotherhood and Voodoo Academy – directs this new adaptation, about a group of men and women throwing a decadent party at a British mansion where, it is rumored, a grisly mass murder once took place. And wouldn't you know it – an unexpected guest appears, and hotties start getting bumped off one by one. The Raven premieres on here! in America later this year.
  • Romeo San Vicente heard a rapping, a rapping at his chamber door last Saturday, but he told those Jehovah's Witnesses to beat it.

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