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Romeo San Vicente | October 26, 2006

Edie Falco Swayed by Cult Figure

If you weren't paying attention back in the 1990s, you might not know that Edie Falco was one of the unsung stars of American indie cinema before her breakthrough role on The Sopranos. Indeed, she paid her dues in early movies for filmmakers like Hal Hartley and Abel Ferrara. So it's exciting to hear she's hooking up with out director Todd Graff (Camp) on the upcoming Cult Figure. The new film, produced by lesbian movie mogul Christine Vachon, deals with a teenager who falls prey to the creepy charisma of a religious leader. Five bucks says Falco plays a concerned mom, but she's such a great actress that Romeo would believe her as the guru or even as the teen. Expect Cult Figure to hypnotize moviegoers in 2008.

Stephen Fry Explores His Secret Life

British comic actor and writer Stephen Fry has not only revealed his battle with bipolar disorder; he's gone so far as to star in the BBC documentary Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive. Fry – probably best known in the U.S. for Peter's Friends and V for Vendetta – discusses how his mental disorder drove him to the brink of suicide, and how some bipolar people are willing to endure the depressive lows in exchange for those manic highs. Fellow sufferers Carrie Fisher, Tony Slattery (Whose Line Is It, Anyway?), and Robbie Williams pop up to tell their stories as well. Secret Life premiered in September in the U.K., so it's safe to assume that this critically acclaimed documentary will arrive soon on these shores as well.

Bryan Singer Screams Trick 'r Treat as Horror Producer

There's no rest for out Superman Returns director Bryan Singer. Romeo has previously reported that the busy filmmaker has his eye on a Logan's Run remake and on the long-gestating Harvey Milk biopic The Mayor of Castro Street. Now comes word that Singer will produce the directorial debut of X2 and Superman Returns co-writer Michael Dougherty, the horror film Trick 'r Treat. Some folks are already calling the project "Pulp Fiction on Halloween night," because it involves four intertwining tales of chaos and evil – from a high school principal who's also a serial killer, to a Halloween-hating woman and her holiday-obsessed hubby. Shooting starts in November in Vancouver, so look for a 2007 opening date – October 31, perhaps?

Photo - Greg Grieco Greg Louganis Dons the Coach Shorts for Watercolors

Here's one for the "Gay Celebs We Don't See Much of These Days" file: legendary diver Greg Louganis will be playing a coach in the upcoming indie film Watercolors, from first-time writer-director David Oliveras. While the film is a coming-of-age story about the redemptive power of art, Louganis is relishing the chance to play something of a villain. That's right – this coach will be the kind of demanding jerk who can destroy the athletes under his care, not at all the nice guy Louganis' fans have come to know and love. So look for the out Olympic diver to be twirling his metaphorical mustache when the movie – which also stars cult movie queen Karen Black – hits the festival circuit in 2007.

  • Romeo San Vicente has a hard time saying no to a man in a Speedo.

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