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Romeo San Vicente | July 06, 2006

Brendan Fraser Brendan Fraser Slips into Halston

Hunky Brendan Fraser has played a gay man (Twilight of the Golds) and the object of gay lust (Gods and Monsters), so he should have no problem stepping into the boogie shoes of acclaimed designer Halston in the long-awaited biopic Romeo's been keeping tabs on. Fraser steps in for Alec Baldwin, originally slotted to play the couturier whose career included designing Jackie Kennedy's signature pillbox hat to dancing with Liza at Studio 54. And while Romeo adores Baldwin, the actor's probably a little old to play a man who died at age 48 of complications due to AIDS. Here's hoping Fraser gets to remove his shirt a time or two – why else do they think George of the Jungle was such a big hit?

Laurence Fishburne Fishburne Breaks Down Walls

You've seen him on screen as just about everything from a make-believe cowboy (Pee Wee's Playhouse ) to a mystical, enigmatic know-it-all (the Matrix movies). Now Laurence Fishburne is tackling a gay role in Without Walls, a new play by Alfred Uhry, the writer who won an Oscar for bringing his play Driving Miss Daisy to the big screen. This new show sees Fishburne playing a flamboyant drama teacher in the 1980s at an exclusive New York high school, where he crosses paths with a deviously seductive male student in need of a father figure. Following the show's L.A. run, look for Walls to make the trip to Broadway – even if this one doesn�t have a chauffeur among its characters.

Darren Star Sex and the City Creator's Dark Night

Whether audiences tune in to his shows (Sex and the City, Melrose Place) or not (Grosse Pointe, Miss Match), the series created by out TV mogul Darren Star aren't quite like anything else on the boob tube. And he's going to shake up American television once again with his latest series, a U.S. remake of the British comedy Nighty Night, for Showtime. The U.K. show followed the adventures of possibly the world's most sociopathic woman, a hairdresser so diabolically evil that she remains completely oblivious to the pain she causes others. It's the funniest show to come across the Atlantic since The Office. Romeo can't wait to see what kind of pandemonium the American character kicks up; after all, odds are she'll be doing it while wearing some awesome Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos.

Michael Soldier Checking into Terror

Hostel, Motel Hell, Maid in Manhattan – the movies often like to remind us that travel can be terrifying. Queer audiences will soon get their very own lodgings-of-doom horror extravaganza with the upcoming indie fright flick Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror. The horror-comedy about a mother/daughter death-dealing duo that systematically preys on queer B&B; guests – with a little help from a half-man/half-slug creature – is the first feature from director Jaymes Thompson, and stars gay adult-film fixture Michael Soldier playing a woman. That's not a stretch for him if you've seen his infamous "Precious Moments" drag persona at San Francisco's Trannyshack. Sounds like this one could be even scarier than spending the night at a Helmsley Hotel – with Leona Helmsley.

  • Romeo San Vicente TiVos old episodes of "Melrose Place" but skips to the wig-pulling and explosion scenes.

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