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Romeo San Vicente | June 21, 2006

Winona Ryder Winona Ryder Makes Plans for Sex and Death

Winona Ryder must know that for lots of her fans, especially gay men, her brightest moment came with her darkest starring role – as Veronica, the popular girl who murders her classmates in the black comedy Heathers. Lucky for everyone, then, that her next starring role will reunite her with Heathers scribe Daniel Waters in the indie film Sex and Death 101. The story revolves around a man (Simon Baker) who receives an e-mail containing the names of all of his female sex partners, past, present, and future. Then he meets a femme fatale (Ryder) who targets men who have committed sex crimes against women. Sounds like fun for all, and, as a feminist vigilante, Ryder will get to revisit the same territory that earned her cool points long before "Free Winona" T-shirts became her most notorious credit.

Marlon Brando - Getty Images Brando Lives!

Screen legend Marlon Brando has a new film in production; it just happens to be posthumous. Here's what happened: In 2004, just before the reportedly bisexual star's death, Brando began a project with Tunisian director Ridha Behi called Brando and Brando, about a Tunisian boy who comes to America to meet the actor. Now that project has morphed into a documentary entitled Citizen Brando, about the making of the original film. It will include footage of Brando shot by the director after his own quest to meet the iconic star culminated in their brief collaboration. Behi hopes to have the final product ready for next year's Cannes Film Festival and possible commercial release later in 2007.

Tim Gunn The Return of Project Runway

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy may have paved the way with its bold assertion of gay-style-as-coveted-way-of-life, but its sister show, Bravo's Project Runway, has showcased the fashion-design talents of gay men (and at least one lesbian) in a way that treats their homosexuality as a given, a backseat detail attached to the clothing they create and compete with. That's progress of a sort, and audiences will get more of it in July when the show returns to the cable channel for a third season, hosted by model Heidi Klum and fashion design coach Tim Gunn. Last season, the gay Gunn developed a rabid following among viewers who nursed crushes on the mature, level-headed, soft-spoken teacher. This season should bring him more of the same. Move over Queer Eye guys – there's a new homo heartthrob sharing the airwaves.

Batwoman Flies to the Other Team

After 27 years on vacation – OK, she was actually killed off – Batwoman is back. And she's gone through some changes. Well, one very significant change, at least. When the character returns in 2007 in the DC Comics publication titled 52, Batwoman will be a lesbian. In 52, Batwoman's alter ego, Kathy Kane, is a lesbian socialite involved with a female ex-detective. And when crime rears its ugly head, she will transform into a lipstick-wearing superhero. It's all part of DC�s planned roster of more ethnically and sexually diverse characters. The lipstick part is, of course, to keep the young male readers interested. And for lesbian fans who may have been hoping for someone a little more butch to don the cape, there's always hope that the movie version will star Gina Gershon.

  • Romeo San Vicente still wears his "Free Winona" T-shirt. Even when he's shopping at Saks.

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