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Romeo San Vicente | May 15, 2006

Gershon Prowls Lipstick Jungle

Are the days of the nude musical back? They will be if Gina Gershon gets her way. The star with the huge queer following from her roles in Bound and Showgirls is itching to bring the latter to the stage. The NC-17 Showgirls was a critical and financial flop when it was released in 1995, but has grown into a bona fide cult sensation in the past decade. Now Gershon is working on a musical stage version as writer and possibly director. As a back-up plan, Gershon is also starring in a pilot for NBC called Lipstick Jungle, from Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell. The show is about career-obsessed (rather than Sex's man-hungry) women in New York City. Romeo believes that the only thing better than a full-season pickup for Lipstick would be if Gershon revives her Cristal Conners persona on stage.

Doing It For the Love of Dolly

Do you love Dolly Parton? Lots of gay and lesbian folks do. But are you the kind of super-fan who decorates your home as a shrine to the veteran country/bluegrass singer-songwriter? If not, then you're probably not one of the subjects profiled in For the Love of Dolly, a new documentary from filmmaker Tai Uhlmann. From backyard scale models of Parton's Tennessee childhood home to dolls created in her likeness, the fans on display here are fervent in their love for Dolly. The film also details how Parton has even proven therapeutic for one mentally challenged man who makes regular trips to the singer's theme park, Dollywood. The hour-long tribute – and rest assured, it's loving, not mocking – is currently screening at festivals with an eye toward cable TV in the near future.

Elton On the Verge of a New Musical

The Lion King and Aida? Big home runs. Billy Elliot? It's the London stage's reigning champ. So maybe Lestat wasn't so well-received upon its recent Broadway debut, but that doesn't mean Elton John plans to slow down his sideline career in composing for musical theater. The queer pop star is already planning his next stage move, and it's even gayer than Elliot or Lestat. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, the stylish 1988 movie from Spanish queer director Pedro Almodovar, is in John's musical sights. No word on any progress yet – he's still got his hands full with Lestat – but as John moves forward with this project, Romeo will report back with more details.

Queer Nerds Get Their Revenge – Again

Back in the early '80s, queer characters in mainstream movies were hard to come by. So in the film Revenge of the Nerds, when a flamboyant sissy named Lamar Latrell (played by Larry B. Scott) became an instant comedy hero to millions of people, it was something of a surprise. To some, Latrell was an offensive stereotype, but to a generation of gay men who grew up watching the film, the character was weirdly inspirational. And now a remake of Nerds is in the works from director Kyle Newman. Will a swishing, queenly frat brother/jock still hold the same comic appeal in a cinematic era when being queer doesn't seem to be such a big deal? The answer will be revealed when the latest round of Revenge hits theaters sometime in 2007.

  • Romeo San Vicente isn't a nerd, but he doesn't discriminate.

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