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Romeo San Vicente | April 24, 2006

Sharon Stone Stone Has an Instinct about a Sequel

Ready for Basic Instinct 3? Sharon Stone is, even though her in-theaters-now flop, Basic Instinct 2, was roundly jeered by critics and ignored by audiences. The actress is ready to go full speed ahead with another installment in the story of bisexual crime novelist and sexually brazen murderer Catherine Tramell. Stone envisions continuing with the London setting explored in BI2, as she feels it's more conducive to the rough-and-tumble story she wants to tell. That's right – Stone wants to direct it. Apparently, a script is in place, and Stone, already signed on to direct an adaptation of Elizabeth Berg's book Never Change, is keen to make BI3 her second turn behind the camera. Furthermore, Stone isn't necessarily interested in starring in the film. Does that mean a new face for Catherine Tramell? Another story entirely? Stay tuned as the mystery unfolds.

Chad Allen Chad Allen Delivers Shock to the System

Third Man Out, the made-for-TV movie starring Chad Allen as gay detective Donald Strachey, was ratings-friendly enough for Here, the gay cable network, that a sequel is already in the works. Currently in production, the second installment, Shock to the System, sees the openly gay Allen returning as Strachey, a character made popular in a successful series of books by Richard Stevenson. Falcon Crest veteran Morgan Fairchild will join Allen as he goes undercover in an ex-gay therapy group to track down a murderer after the spokesperson for the ministry winds up dead. The latest mystery will be directed by Ron Oliver (Queer as Folk) with a screenplay by Ron McGee. It will air this coming fall, so clear those calendars now.

Kirkland Tibbels and George Bendele Gay Indie Production Company Thrives

In a depressed movie market, when other small companies are shutting their doors, Funny Boy Films has found a niche with gay audiences, delivering the popular, controversial gay Mormon drama Latter Days and the current rom/com art-house hit Adam & Steve. So what's up next for Funny Boy producers Kirkland Tibbels and George Bendele? Elliott Loves, a coming-of-age dramedy about a young gay Domenican-American as he grows up, from age 9 to 21. The Vito Russo Award-winning screenplay will be co-produced by queer actors Robert Gant (Queer as Folk) and Chad Allen. Meanwhile Funny Boy is also developing Neil Miller's Sex-Crime Panic, a period piece about the sexual psychopath laws of the 1950s that led to gay men being imprisoned and institutionalized. Maybe not so funny, but fascinating all the same. Here's to their continued success.

Shannon Doherty Shannon Doherty Has Some Bad News

Shannon Doherty knows she's the "bad girl" you love to hate. And as the veteran of queer-fan-magnet hit shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed, and oft-quoted cult hits like Heathers (to say nothing of all the juicy tabloid press she's managed to achieve), the woman knows what her fans want. So it was a no-brainer for the star to begin having a little fun with her image on Oxygen's upcoming reality series Breaking Up with Shannon Doherty. The premise is simple: Got some dirty work you don't want to do yourself? Call Shannon. She'll dump your boyfriend for you, or tell your so-call friends exactly what you think of them. And she'll do it with a smile on her face. The show is slated for the fall. Try to contain your excitement because Romeo is already going crazy with anticipation over this one.

  • Romeo San Vicente does all his own dirty work.

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