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Romeo San Vicente | January 09, 2006

Bryan Singer's Final Frontier

Queer Trekkies (or Trekkers – it's so hard for Romeo to know what's correct in Deep Space) will be pleased with this bit of information. Openly gay director Bryan Singer (X-Men) is making noise about wanting to helm the next Star Trek movie. Now, before fans go jumping the gun and speculating on specifics, understand that there is no deal yet. There's talk about a deal that may or may not take place. And the man is busy: He's executive-producing a documentary about Superman before his own Superman Returns hits theaters, and he's also working on Logan's Run and The Mayor of Castro Street. But the in-demand filmmaker has recently expressed a marked interest in Trek via some off-the-cuff red carpet interviews. And when you're hot in Hollywood, people tend to try to get you what you want. Romeo just wants some homo Enterprise crew members, for once.

Cruz and Hayek Steal Bandidas

It's always a treat to watch Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek vamp it up lesbian-style for red-carpet photographers. The tabloids have a field day with the best gal pals when they're looking glamorous and hanging all over each other in public. Lesbian fans don't mind it either. And those fans are going to get plenty of both women in the upcoming movie Bandidas. The friends are playing a pair of sexy south-of-the-border bank robbers in the comedy-western, which co-stars Steve Zahn (Cruz's co-star in Sahara), who'll play a cop sent to Mexico to investigate the crime spree. Written by Luc Besson and co-directed by newcomers Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandburg, the movie will also feature Sam Shepard and Dwight Yoakam in small roles. Look for the ladies to steal into theaters sometime later this year.

Lisa Kudrow Takes on Ex-Cons

The Comeback may have fizzled on HBO, but that hasn't slowed down actor-producer Lisa Kudrow and her gay writing-producing partner, Dan Bucatinsky. The duo, whose Is or Isn't Productions is set up with Warner Bros., is developing several pilots for Fox, CBS, and UPN. The Fox project is based on the Irish sitcom Paths to Freedom and revolves around two men – one a white-collar criminal and the other more downscale – released from prison on the same day. The I-or-I team is also working with Daisy Mayer (Party Girl) on a dramatic series about a young woman who takes a job at a New York auction house and gets a bumpy crash course in the ways of high society. Be on the lookout for both shows as they test the dangerous, murky waters of television-land soon.

Mandy Moore Goes Shopping

Most movie stars employ personal shoppers, but Mandy Moore is about to become one. The perky young star who shined so wickedly while hurling Bibles at sinful teens in the satirical Saved! is currently working on the romantic comedy Personal Shopping. One of queer uber-producer Scott Rudin's latest batch of entertainment ventures, Shopping is the story of a man who loses his luggage, then employs Moore's character, a department store shopping consultant, to help rebuild his wardrobe. No surprise, the guy ends up wanting to wear Moore home as well, but expect sweet-natured PG-13 goings-on from up-and-coming writer-director Tim Sullivan and his decidedly modest young star. The credit cards get max'd later in 2006.

  • Romeo San Vicente's brand of personal shopping doesn't involve going to the mall.

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