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Romeo San Vicente | December 19, 2005

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Turns Amazon

Every female actor in Hollywood wants the kind of executive power that gets a pet project made, and now it's Scarlett Johansson's turn. The hot young star of Lost in Translation has been able to trade in her newfound clout to get a movie made in which she's not simply a "strong woman," she's a rampaging, justice-exacting, B.C-era Amazon. Based on her own idea, the upcoming Amazon will star Johansson as a woman who wages war on an army that destroyed her homeland. The script was written by Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain (who once directed something called No Dessert, Dad, Until You Mow the Lawn) and is currently in that vaguely hazy phase known as "pre-production." Let's hope that phase includes making sure this fictional Amazonia has plenty of appropriate lesbian atmosphere.

Kimberly Peirce Kimberly Peirce Aims at Stop-Loss

Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce was recently at the center of a sweet little bidding war for her script titled Stop-Loss. Paramount won the battle for the politically charged script, whose way was paved by hot-button films like Syriana, currently garnering good reviews and Oscar buzz. The story involves a Texas soldier returning home from Iraq, only to be called back to duty under the U.S. Defense Department's controversial "stop-loss" plan. The statute allows the government to force service personnel to stay in the military, but in the film, a fictional soldier refuses to comply. Gay producer Scott Rudin will produce, and Peirce is on board to direct. No casting news yet, but Romeo is guessing that the obvious choice, Jake Gyllenhaal, will pass on a second Iraq war movie so soon after Jarhead.

Eddie Izzard Izzard Shoots Super Ex-Girlfriend

Honorary queer performer Eddie Izzard has been seen in his trademark Manolo Blahnik pumps less and less these days, as he winds up with bigger and bigger film roles. The drag-loving, gender-tweaking comedian will play a villain known as Professor Bedlam in the movie Super Ex-Girlfriend. The movie stars Luke Wilson as a regular guy who dumps his superhero girlfriend (Uma Thurman), who then, stung by rejection, sets about using her superpowers to make his life miserable. The comedy co-stars Anna Faris, is written by Don Payne (The Simpsons), and is directed by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, Stripes). It's shooting now in New York and flying toward a super opening weekend sometime in 2006.

Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Visits Small Town Gay Bar

Few straight guys in Hollywood have done more to normalize the public discussion of homosexuality than Kevin Smith. That he's done so via a strange lesbian-falling-for-a-straight-man romantic comedy (Chasing Amy) and a pair of comedic stoner "life partners" named Jay and Silent Bob – and by using the word "fag" in his scripts more than anyone else – is just part of his unique vision. Now Smith's View Askew production banner will help make the documentary Small Town Gay Bar. Directed by Malcolm Ingram, the documentary travels into the American South and to the barstool of an environment that so many rural and/or geographically isolated queers know all too well – the local gay watering hole. Making its world premiere at 2006's Sundance Film Festival, the movie documents the struggle to build gay and lesbian community in usually hostile surroundings. Look for it at gay film fests soon after.

  • Romeo San Vicente visited a small town once, but not for long.

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