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Romeo San Vicente | December 12, 2005

Ralph Fiennes Fiennes Serves Up Gay Butler

Ralph Fiennes has temporarily traded in his Voldemort mask for a valet's uniform. The Brit actor will play the flamboyantly gay butler Bernard Lafferty in the upcoming feature Bernard and Doris. Directed by actor-director Bob Balaban, it's the true story of tobacco billionairess Doris Duke – to be played by Susan Sarandon – and her lifelong caretaker, Lafferty. But be advised, this story is no Driving Miss Daisy. Duke was a tough customer, and Lafferty an idiosyncratic alcoholic who, upon inheriting Duke's fortune, spared no expense lavishing himself with luxury and sometimes dressing in her gowns. The movie is in pre-production now, so look for it in late 2006 with some very gay bells on.

Will Ferrell Ferrell and Heder's Blades of Glory

You believed Will Ferrell as an elf, so would you buy him as a graceful figure skater? Ferrell is currently in talks to star in Blades of Glory, in which he'll take to the ice for laughs. And if talks go well, his skating partner will be Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite fame. The pair would play disgraced skating rivals who force their way back into competition through a loophole that allows male-male partnerships on ice. In other words, expect lots of exceptionally gay antics. Even better? Also in talks to co-star are the hysterically funny Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live) and her real-life husband, Will Arnett (Arrested Development). All this wish list needs now is a Tonya Harding cameo, and Romeo will be in ice-heaven.

Bruce McDonald Gay (and Canadian) Like Me

With all the talk about mainstream ground being tilled by Brokeback Mountain, it's easy to forget that independent film has been exploring gay themes for years. And a new addition to the genre Romeo likes to call "Small Queer Movies That Probably Only Queer Audiences Will See" is a Canadian indie called Gay Like Me? Directed by Bruce McDonald, who helmed several episodes of Queer as Folk and the 1991 art-house cult favorite Highway 61, the comedy revolves around a gay social worker whose latest case is a young hate-crime offender. When the social worker's life partner begins to film a documentary about the antigay young man, complications ensue. The movie stars Hugh Dillon, who can currently be seen in the critically acclaimed indie Down to the Bone. Gay Like Me? should start hitting queer film fests some time in 2006.

Jack Larson A Gay Jimmy Olsen Returns

Openly gay actor Jack Larson, who played young Jimmy Olsen on the 1950s TV series The Adventures of Superman, went behind the camera in the early '60s and had a long career of writing and producing. But that early TV role keeps coming back around for him – in the mid 1990s, for example, Larson guest-starred as old Jimmy on the series Lois & Clark. And now openly gay director Bryan Singer has cast the 72-year-old actor in a cameo in the upcoming feature Superman Returns. Larson will make a brief appearance as an unnamed man in a bar. Meanwhile, Larson's former co-star, Noel Neill, one of two actresses who played Lois Lane in the '50s series, will cameo as a wealthy older woman. Romeo's waiting for his casting call, too.

  • Romeo San Vicente knows a lot of supermen – and their Kryptonite.

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