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Romeo San Vicente | December 05, 2005

Lily Tomlin Lily Tomlin Has a Senior Moment

In an era when seemingly every single actor in Hollywood is desperately refusing to get old by any means necessary, including self-mutilation with insane amounts of cosmetic surgery, it's refreshing to see anyone on-screen who's decided to age normally. Funny lesbian Lily Tomlin (I Heart Huckabees) is one of those people, and her career hasn't suffered for it. In fact, the 60-something actor is busier than ever, appearing in the upcoming Robert Altman adaptation of A Prairie Home Companion and the comedy The Last Guy on Earth. Now she's signed on for the "old-folks" comedy Seniors, to be directed by David Wain (The Baxter, The State). The movie is in pre-production right now, so other cast information isn't available. Maybe they're still looking for actors willing to play their real age.

Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Takes Up Boxing

After Glitter – a movie Romeo loved for all the wrong reasons – it seemed like Mariah Carey's film career would take the same turn as Cindy Crawford's and Justin Guarini's. But then critics praised her supporting role in the indie film Wisegirls, and her career on the charts has seen a turnaround with The Emancipation of Mimi. Now it appears that Carey may have another shot at acting in an indie called The Sweet Science. There are conflicting reports on the film's progress – it's simply categorized as "in production" at the moment – and even on which role Carey plays. (Will she be the boxing manager? The boxer herself? The woman who holds the cards with the numbers of the rounds on them?) But with her recent successes, she looks like she might just throw the last punch in this round.

Simon Rex - photo:Erik West Simon Rex's Next Scary Move

Technically, there's nothing gay about Simon Rex or his acting career. But the cute young actor will always hold a spot in the hearts of gay porn fans for the early-career "solo" videos he made before getting famous as an MTV VJ. And proving you can cross over after baring all, Rex's resume just keeps getting longer with the latest installment in the horror franchise, Scary Movie 4. This spoof of The Village is Rex's second turn in a Scary Movie sequel and will also star the hilarious Anna Faris, Carmen Electra, Regina Hall, Leslie Nielson, and Outkast's Andre Benjamin. So keep firing up those VCRs, you fans of his earliest career choice, because it doesn't look like he's heading back to that side of the great acting divide any time soon.

Valerie Ahern Logo Soaps Up

If you thought the overtly campy Passions was as gay as soaps could get, Logo's got something you're going to want to see. The recently launched gay cable channel just announced that it will partner with Maverick TV to develop a queer-themed prime-time soap opera from Spyder Games creators Christian McLaughlin and Valerie Ahern. At the moment, it's called San Rafael and will follow the scheming lives of a group of "LGBT friends and foes" who live in a Melrose Place–style apartment complex. The pair has already written for the shows Drawn Together and The Bold and The Beautiful, and Romeo's a big fan of McLaughlin's hilarious queer novels, Glamourpuss and Sex Toys of the Gods. So expect lots of twisted goings-on when this series hits the air.

  • Romeo San Vicente is a real-life soap-opera hunk.

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