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Romeo San Vicente | November 28, 2005

Alan Cumming Cumming Going to the Opera

Alan Cumming doesn't sing soprano, but he'll be singing with one soon enough. The Scottish bi guy will appear on Broadway next season in a new production of Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera, alongside Sopranos star Edie Falco, Broadway veteran Jim Dale, and cool singer-songwriter Nellie McKay. The text of the play has been updated by Wallace Shawn (you know the writer-actor as Alicia Silverstone's nebbish teacher in Clueless), and will open at Studio 54 on April 20, 2006. The versatile Cumming – he's doing voice work for two new animated features, will appear with Deborah Harry and Amy Sedaris in the upcoming film Full Grown Men, and has recently seen his own signature fragrance "Cumming" hit store shelves – will play the lead role of Macheath. Romeo wants to know if it would be considered overkill to wear "Cumming" to opening night.

Margaret Cho A New Cho Show

It's been a long time since All-American Girl, the disastrous sitcom that star Margaret Cho turned into cathartic comedy-gold in her concert film I'm the One That I Want. And like all faded memories that seem less troublesome in hindsight, the torments of sitcom life – and the lure of sitcom money – seem doable again for Cho. She's recently signed on to develop an untitled pilot for Fox, and will star as her own mother, a "character" named Mommy who's become a beloved staple of her stand-up act. Cho's face is more recognizable a decade after her first sitcom run, and her loyal queer fan base would welcome a chance to see her be funny on a weekly basis. So Fox should just order up episodes now, give Cho creative control, and let the rest of the country learn to love "Mommy."

Mike Reiss Queer Duck Goes Long

Do you miss Queer Duck? Bi-Polar Bear? Openly Gator? Oscar Wildcat? You're not alone in your nostalgia, and you're about to get your wish for more. Creator Mike Reiss, a former Simpsons writer and creator of the animated series The Critic, has finally been given the greenlight for a long-discussed Queer Duck feature. The feather-ruffling, absolutely un-P.C., 5-minute flash-animation shorts first appeared online in 1999 and eventually found their way to Showtime, where they were shown alongside Queer as Folk. The feature-length Duck is set to be released direct-to-DVD with Paramount, and, Romeo assumes, will once again feature the voice of Jim J. Bullock as the gay bird.

Del Shores Shores' Sissies Soon Seen on Screen

Del Shores worked behind the scenes as a writer and producer on shows like Dharma & Greg and Queer as Folk. But most gay audiences know him as the creator of the smash cult-hit indie comedy Sordid Lives. Fans of that film will be happy to hear, then, that Shores has a new feature in the pipeline, Southern Baptist Sissies. Based on his long-running play and on his real-life experiences growing up in Texas, Sissies returns to Sordid Lives' wacky-but-warm-hearted Southern hick territory, and revolves around four gay boys growing up in a Baptist community. It begins shooting next summer for a probable 2007 release.

  • Romeo San Vicente thinks sissies are sexy.

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