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Romeo San Vicente | November 21, 2005

Johnny Knoxville A Very Jackass Christmas

If you avoided 2003's Jackass: The Movie because you assumed it was about a bunch of straight boys trying to maim each other, you missed one of the gayest movies of this decade. Johnny Knoxville and his band of intrepid self-abusers – along with a welcome Rip Taylor cameo – created an anarchic vision of post-uptight sexual boundaries that was without precedent. And now the insanity can continue. Paramount has just given a green light to the sequel, Jackass II, aiming to get it into theaters for the 2006 holiday season. Expect more nudity, below-the-waist humor, and shocking stunts like the now-infamous Disappearing Toy Car trick (which Romeo can't describe here). As for what cast to expect, that's still up in the air; Knoxville has always contended there would be no sequel. Hopefully a big-enough payday will lure him back.

Alexis Arquette Arquette's Gender Journey

When it was announced that queer actor Alexis Arquette would be living on-camera at the Surreal Life house next season and doing it in drag (he's performed in clubs as Eva Destruction for years now and appeared in the film Wigstock: The Movie), Romeo was thrilled that the series was finally going to include an openly gay man. But it turns out that Arquette's off-camera life is taking an unexpected turn. In what is probably a first for a working actor already known as male, Arquette is undergoing sex-reassignment surgery, and the process of his transition to female will be documented for an A&E; special to air in 2006. The special will include appearances by Arquette's actor siblings David, Rosanna, and Patricia, and his sister-in-law, Courtney Cox. Now this is must-see TV.

Nicole Conn Claire Director's Little Man

Nicole Conn directed one of the 1990s most popular lesbian-themed films, Claire of the Moon. But it's her latest movie, a documentary titled Little Man, that may reach her broadest audience. Little Man is the gripping, emotionally wrenching story of Conn and her partner, Gwen Baba, as they deal with the 100-days-premature birth of their son, Nicholas; the life-or-death drama unfolds while Conn's camera captures it all. The film has already screened theatrically in a handful of major urban markets, but now Showtime has picked it up for broadcast in 2006, meaning that more people will see it in one airing than viewed it in all the art-house theaters in which it played. Catch the award-winning documentary when it airs early next year, and make sure you have the Kleenex handy.

Bob Saget Penguins Get R-Rated Remake

Forget the Bob Saget you knew from Full House. Anyone who saw this year's filthy-joke documentary, The Aristocrats, knows that Saget has a mouth on him that's not fit for prime time. Now Saget's latest project will be a raunchy, R-rated take on this year's surprise hit, the G-rated March of the Penguins. The idea came to the comedian while watching the film at a friend's home, where he provided the "adult" voiceovers for the adorable birds. The project is titled Farce of the Penguins, and audiences can expect to hear some Aristocrats–quality dirty talk accompanying the nature footage. No word on whether the hot zoological topic of gay penguins will be touched on, but given Saget's no-holds-barred brand of humor, it's a safe assumption.

  • Romeo San Vicente was recently rated NC-17.

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