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Romeo San Vicente | October 31, 2005

Patricia Clarkson Clarkson Tries for Tallulah

In Hollywood, nothing is certain until it's certain. You can't always be sure that the movie you heard was being made a few months back is still being made. What follows, then, is a story full of "maybes" and "ifs." Oscar-nominated actress Patricia Clarkson (Pieces of April, Six Feet Under) may be the one playing Tallulah Bankhead in an upcoming biopic of the late, legendary, scandalous, bisexual actress, one whose reputed lovers included Billie Holiday and Gone with the Wind co-star Hattie McDaniel. The other question mark in this proposed project is Philip Kaufman, no stranger to the sexually liberated biopic after helming Henry & June and Quills. He may be directing. Of course, if it all comes to pass, it will be perfect casting on both sides of the camera. Maybe Hollywood will get it right this time.

Kevin Zegers Elton's Boy Girl Thing

No, Sir Elton's not back to identifying as bisexual again – he's just producing a movie along with his partner, David Furnish, one called It's a Boy Girl Thing. Imagine Freaky Friday, All of Me, and The War of the Roses in a blender, and you'll be close to this story of a young man and woman – bitter enemies, but kinda sorta still hot for each other – who wind up switching bodies. Then they spend their time trying to ruin each other's lives. The film, currently shooting in Toronto and London, stars up-and-coming cute guy Kevin Zegers (also in the soon-to-be-released Transamerica) and The O.C.'s Samaire Armstrong as the warring parties, who will no doubt be making out by the time the credits crawl. Added bonus: Co-star Sharon Osbourne, a woman destined for bigger-than-life status on the multiplex screen, is finally going there.

Tony Kushner Kushner's Librettos Sing

One of theater's most passionate voices belongs to Tony Kushner, and his latest production, in collaboration with Maurice Sendak, consists of two short operas – an adaptation of the 1938 Czech children's opera, Brundibar, and a wartime comic tragedy, Comedy on the Bridge. Kushner wrote a new English-language libretto for Brundibar, an opera with a horrific history – the story of a village's children battling an evil organ-grinder, it was performed by children in the Nazis' Terezin concentration camp before they went to their deaths. Bridge is no less troubling in theme, dealing with a handful of people trapped on a bridge between two opposing armies. Euan Morton, who starred as Boy George in the London and Broadway productions of Taboo, will play the lead role in both pieces when they open on Broadway in April 2006.

Louise Hogarth Don't Ask Doc Tells All

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Louise Hogarth is shipping out to Iraq. She didn't join the military, but she's going to trail one of its gay members for her next film, Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Since the Iraq war has been rife with personnel shortages, openly lesbian and gay service members are not being discharged for the duration, creating a conflict with the military's own policy of relentlessly drumming out queer recruits. The critically acclaimed director's most recent film, The Gift, which focused on HIV-positive men who intentionally participate in unsafe sex, received numerous awards. Don't Ask, Don't Tell will be a filmed diary – the first time a gay or lesbian member of the armed forces will be shown actively serving on a day-to-day basis – and it's destined to revive a seemingly dormant dialogue about the pointless ban.

  • Romeo San Vicente has never stopped telling, even when no one's asking.

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