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Romeo San Vicente | October 10, 2005

Jodie Foster Jodie Takes Two

Her recent No. 1 spot in the box-office heap with Flightplan ought to remind Hollywood of Jodie Foster's staying power. And she's got two new projects to prove it. The first is The Brave One, in which Foster will star as a woman who recovers from an attack by going on a mission of revenge. The icon to lesbian audiences will also return to the director's chair for the first time in 10 years with Sugar Kings. Based on a Vanity Fair article by investigative journalist Marie Brenner (who also wrote the article on which The Insider was based), Sugar is the story of two attorneys who take on a sugar corporation on behalf of exploited migrant workers. It's not certain that Foster will star in this one, but it would be sweet if she did.

Martin Sheen Sheen's New Queer Family

Most former presidents go on speaking tours, but one (OK, so he's a fictional president) is going to produce a sitcom. Following his term as commander in chief on TV's The West Wing, Martin Sheen will executive-produce a currently untitled comedy pilot for NBC. As it reads now the show is about a gay man, his life partner, and the gay man's brother, all of whom must lend a hand to take care of the siblings' sick, elderly, fundamentalist Christian mother. The catch is that the gay couple must remain closeted to avoid upsetting the frail woman, which makes it sound somewhat like Three's Company with a religious twist. Knowing Sheen's liberal, pro-gay stance, however, it's sure to be more politically correct than that.

Alexis Arquette Arquette Wigs Out on Surreal Life

The last time Romeo saw that smart-alecky Alexis Arquette, he was behaving badly in the delightful Bride of Chucky. Arquette's had other roles since then, but none as high-profile as what's up next – playing himself on The Surreal Life. The queer sibling of Rosanna, David, and Patricia has always gone his own way, from the full-frontal shock of gruesome indies like Frisk to the full-frontal drag-queen wackiness of documentaries like Wigstock: The Movie. Now he'll hole up in the badly designed interior of a Hollywood mansion with Jeffersons alum Sherman Hemsley, Poison guitarist C.C. Deville, Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell, Playboy TV's Andrea Lowell, and Whitesnake video vixen Tawny Kitaen. He'd better behave himself, though, because Florence Henderson will be there too, as the cast's full-time on-call therapist. No one messes with Mrs. Brady.

Emma Roberts Nancy Drew Spies Again

From Harriet the Spy to Cagney & Lacey to Murder She Wrote, lesbians have always loved a good Girl Detective. And the foremother of them all is that dykon of campy sleuthing, Nancy Drew. Though she was never a queer character, Nancy's independent ways and quick wits earned her a place in the hearts of lesbian readers for much of the 20th century. Now a new generation of female fans will be introduced to her when Nancy Drew: The Mystery in the Hollywood Hills hits the screen. This time around, the spunky teen detective will be played by Emma Roberts, Eric Roberts' daughter and beloved niece of Aunt Julia. And at the helm is Andrew Fleming, gay director of The In-Laws, Dick, and The Craft, who will hopefully bring a queer sensibility to the project.

  • Romeo San Vicente believes that three IS company.

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