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Romeo San Vicente | September 19, 2005

Mariel Hemingway Mariel Hemingway Aims to Fire

You loved her as the young lesbian jock in Personal Best. You watched her make prime-time TV history when she kissed Roseanne. Now Mariel Hemingway is back and kicking bad-guy ass in Her Line of Fire. Hemingway will star in the Here Network original movie as lesbian Secret Service Agent Lynn Delaney, along with relative newcomer Jill Bennett as her partner, the White House press secretary. When the vice president's plane crashes on a remote African island controlled by anti-American forces, it's up to tough-as-nails Agent Delaney to keep him alive. In other words, she's got to do battle with the big guns like a lesbian Chuck Norris. The action thriller begins shooting this month in New Zealand for a scheduled early 2006 air date.

Cheri Oteri Cheri Oteri Pumps Up for Darko Director

Donnie Darko creator Richard Kelly has a knack for making the disturbing funny. In that movie, he managed to spin together a blackly comic vision involving crashing planes, a giant monster rabbit, and Patrick Swayze as a pedophile. His new film, Southland Tales, is set in a futuristic Los Angeles that's about to crumble into social, economic, and environmental disaster. Dramatic terrain such as this lends itself to characters like an evil lesbian bodybuilder, to be played by Saturday Night Live alum Cheri Oteri, and a porn star, played by Jill Ritchie (D.E.B.S.). The large ensemble cast also includes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, Amy Poehler, Miranda Richardson, John Larroquette, and Jon Lovitz. Romeo's taking bets on which female cast member ends up making out on screen with Oteri.

Ryan Carnes Hospital Diagnosis: Gay

The groundbreaking days of teenage Ryan Phillippe coming out on One Life to Live may be in the past, but when a young character announces he's gay on a soap opera, it's still an event. And on that front, developments on ABC's General Hospital are looking pretty newsworthy. The character of Lucas Jones, it has been announced, will be coming out on the show very soon. But Ryan Carnes, who plays Lucas (and who has also played gay on Desperate Housewives and in the indie film Eating Out), is stepping out of the role. Typecasting fears? No one will say for certain. But newcomer Ben Hogestyn will take on the role just as the character begins receiving more storylines revolving around his sexuality. And all this time Romeo thought the main intrigue happened in front of the cameras.

Fred Savage Fred Savage's Crumb-y Gay Role

Back in February, Romeo scooped you on a pilot called Crumbs, which was to feature a gay character. Well, ABC picked up those crumbs, and now the Arrested Development-esque sitcom is in the works for a mid-season debut. Former child star Fred Savage (Wonder Years) will play a not-quite-closeted gay man who has to team up with his hetero brother (Eddie McClintock) to run the family restaurant when their parents (Jane Curtin and William Devane) lose their collective grip on life after a nasty breakup. Apparently, clips of the pilot episode include Savage sharing a bed with another man – in a comedic way, of course. It remains to be seen whether timid execs will demand that the scenes be cut. If so, they'll just end up as "too hot for TV" DVD extras.

  • Romeo San Vicente knows what it's like to be too hot for TV.

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