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Romeo San Vicente | September 12, 2005

Aidan Quinn The Book of Daniel's Queer Verses

NBC's new fall drama, The Book of Daniel, is looking for converts. The show stars Aidan Quinn as Episcopal priest Daniel Webster, a Vicodin addict who has regular conversations with Jesus. He's also dealing with an emotionally distant wife who continues to mourn the loss of one of their children to leukemia, a gay Republican son, and a drug-dealing daughter. Daniel's creator, Jack Kenny, is gay, too, so don't expect Touched by an Angel. But do expect religious conservatives to lob the usual hate bombs at the show, even as it promises to offer a more complex and mature understanding of spirituality for audiences who otherwise turn a cold shoulder to religious-themed media. The cast features Ellen Burstyn as a church bishop and Trick star Christian Campbell as the gay son. Daniel premieres later this month, and Romeo's TiVo is ready.

Lily Tomlin Griffin and Tomlin Find The Last Guy on Earth

Lesbian icon Lily Tomlin and gay favorite Kathy Griffin are set to join a very large, very female ensemble cast for the sci-fi feature The Last Guy on Earth. Currently in pre-production from co-writer/director Jim Fitzpatrick, the comedy revolves around a man living every straight guy's dream: he wakes up from a blow to the head to discover that he's the only one of his gender left on the planet. That's when the former loser-with-the-ladies suddenly finds himself very popular. Joining Griffin and Tomlin in the hunt to get the lone guy will be Yasmine Bleeth, Elizabeth Hurley, Carol Burnett, Joan Cusack, Brett Butler, Phyllis Diller, Whoopi Goldberg, Shelly Long, and Joan Rivers. If there are fictional lesbians in this comic scenario, there's no word yet about what on earth they will be up to.

Richard Chamberlain Richard Chamberlain's New Beard

Fans of the hugely successful 1983 miniseries The Thorn Birds have two reasons to tune in to next summer's Hallmark Channel miniseries, Blackbeard. Thorn's stars, Rachel Ward and the recently out-of-the-closet Richard Chamberlain, are reuniting for the four-hour project, which will shoot in Thailand and do its best to capitalize on the current fervor for all things pirate. (The sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean opens next summer, too.) The miniseries will fictionalize the story of the legendary pirate of the Caribbean, with Brit actor Angus Macfadyen taking the title role. Gay viewers may remember a young Macfadyen as the star of the early '90s gay-themed TV movie The Lost Language of Cranes. Romeo just likes the idea of a lot of men on one boat.

Adam Shankman Adam Shankman Takes a Lap

Queer director Adam Shankman is Hollywood's current favorite go-to guy for family-friendly comedies. Currently working on the features Slammer, Four Christmases, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2, the in-demand director of the Disney comedy The Pacifier is attached to helm the studio's big-screen adaptation of Today Show reporter Michael Leonard's book, The Last Lap, a real-life family comedy. Broadcasting in regular installments on Today, Leonard went on a televised month-long cross-country road trip in an RV with his elderly parents to visit places and people that had been significant in their lives. Leonard's grown children came along for the ride – must have been a big RV – which culminated in the birth of his granddaughter. No cast or start date has been announced yet, but look for the finished product to take a trip to theaters sometime in 2007.

  • Romeo San Vicente's idea of a perfect beard is the one on Ryan Reynolds' face.

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