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Romeo San Vicente | June 13, 2005

Twiggy Lawson Twiggy Fits Top Model

In case you haven't been following every single bit of news surrounding the gayest show in the country, America's Next Top Model (and really, Romeo doesn't want to know you if you haven't), the latest is that Janice Dickinson, the fiery panel judge and self-proclaimed "World's First Supermodel," is leaving the show. Replacing her will be Twiggy Lawson. Twiggy, the infamously stick-figured 1960s mod model, will lend her presence to the judging panel for season five, as will runway coach J. Alexander. The queenly (and queeny) Alexander, known on the show as "Miss J," has been a Top Model staple from the beginning, but will now ascend to his rightful position as judge. But with Dickinson gone, who'll be bold enough to pounce on Tyra Banks and make out for the cameras? Twiggy and J have some fierce stilettos to fill.

Gale Harold Queer Folks' Unseen Movie

Now that Queer as Folk is coming to a close, it'll be interesting to watch the cast of one-time newcomers branch out into the world of "straight" roles. So in a cool bit of casting-against-type news, Queer stars Gale Harold and Michelle Clunie are playing heterosexual lovers in a new indie film, The Unseen. Written and directed by Lisa France, Unseen stars Steve Harris (Diary of a Mad Black Woman) as Roy, a man returning to his rural Southern town to bury his father. There he encounters a scruffily bearded redneck named Harold (and played by QAF's Harold) and his girlfriend, Kathleen (Clunie). Harold's a cruel sort, keeping his brother Sammy (flamboyant Hollywood fashion stylist Philip Bloch in his first film role) locked up in the house, and problems arise when Roy and Sammy form a potentially liberating bond – but probably not the kind of bond you've see on QAF. Look to see Unseen later this year.

Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore's Curious Role

She's not bi-curious anymore – that part of her personality's been confirmed. But it's Curious George that's keeping Barrymore busy these days. Hot on the heels of the live-action Charlotte's Web comes this big-screen adaptation of the beloved series of children's books about an inquisitive little monkey and his friend, The Man in the Yellow Hat. In an inspired choice of tall-man casting, Will Ferrell will step into the banana-hued outfit. Barrymore's character has not yet been named, though it will most likely be Pretty Lady Friend of The Man in the Yellow Hat. Funny men David Cross and Eugene Levy are co-starring, as is veteran British actress Joan Plowright, and, in his first big-screen role in 15 years, Dick Van Dyke. Curious fans of George can look forward to this monkey business some time in 2006.

Katherine Moennig L Word Star's Suicide

Fans of Katherine Moennig, The L Word's resident chick magnet, Shane (and real-life cousin to Gwyneth Paltrow), don't have to despair that the season has ended. Moennig has three films ready for release, and at least one of them seems to be getting a splashy release. Art School Confidential, the latest comedy from the Ghost World team of Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes, hits theaters this September, and Moennig is part of its huge ensemble cast. The mysteriously titled Dead Girl's Diary, set for release later this year, also features the up-and-comer. And Moennig also co-stars in Invitation to a Suicide, on the film-festival circuit right now, which is a dark comedy about a young man trying save a family member from getting whacked by the mob. So relax, ladies, there's plenty of Kate to go around.

  • Romeo San Vicente thinks Gale Harold looks really hot with a beard.

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