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Romeo San Vicente | October 25, 2004

 � 2002 Touchstone Pictures Heather Has Two Movies

The hinges on the Hollywood closet got a much-needed application of WD-40 with the recent announcement by Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Princess Diaries 2) that, while she may not play one on TV, in real life she's a lesbian. And to further break down the myth of career ruin still associated with such honesty, the 21-year-old actor has two new projects coming 'round the bend. First up is Believe in Me, an indie feature Matarazzo is currently in New Mexico shooting for director Robert Collector, co-starring Bruce Dern and Samantha Mathis. And coming soon-ish is Freshman Year, in its pre-production phase right now, featuring Matarazzo and John Goodman. It's a second-time pairing, as they'll also be seen together in the soon-to-be-released Home of Phobia, a movie whose title just became much less ironic.

Miss Coco Peru Trick's Dad Meets Jupiter's Mom

How's this for an unusual career path? Gay director Jim Fall followed up his indie debut – the racy gay romantic comedy Trick – by jumping headfirst into the deep waters of Disney with the Hilary Duff-starrer The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Now Fall is moving back to Indie-wood with the comedy Jupiter's Mom. The story, penned by Heidi Ferrer, centers on two sisters, the older one a successful urban go-getter, the younger a country-living free spirit (read: irresponsible hippie). And when Big Sis comes to the sticks to visit, she finds herself stuck with taking care of her neglected 3-year-old nephew, Jupiter. Since the film is still casting, Romeo would like to nominate hilarious Trick stars Tori Spelling and drag diva Miss Coco Peru for the lead roles. Why not?

Susan Kaplan Tri a Bigger Bed

They're tri-nogomous. That's the best way to describe the long-term menage at the center of the forthcoming documentary feature Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family. Recently picked up for theatrical distribution by ThinkFilm, Three tells the story of Sam and Steven, two men who fell in love with each other and then both fell in love with a woman named Samantha. As their gay relationship gave way to a three-way polysexual arrangement, the trio moved in together and began the process of making a baby. Directed by Susan Kaplan, producer of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Small Wonders, Three follows the family through the usual relationship ups and downs – hurdles both comic and serious, made even more fascinating by the household's unconventional structure. Now, when does the sitcom version hit HBO?

Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson Is a Big Queen

He may be heterosexual, but Marilyn Manson is anything but straight. This is, after all, the man who, after becoming famous, appeared nude in the gay porn magazine Honcho and seemed to think that was a pretty cool career milestone. Now he's joined the cast of the movie Living in Neon Dreams, a modern retelling of Alice In Wonderland, by first-time director Jeremy Tarr. Manson (last seen in Party Monster) will play to type as The Queen of Hearts, of course. And his king? Bisexual actor Alan Cumming. Upping the cross-dressing quotient is Connie and Carla's Nia Vardalos, and rounding out the cast – most of whom will appear in dual roles – are Daryl Hannah and Jonathan Pryce. The mad tea party begins shooting in Cape Town, South Africa, later this month.

  • Romeo San Vicente's lives in a Wonderland all his own.

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