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Romeo San Vicente | October 21, 2004

Sean Hayes -  � NBC Sean Says Yes to Simon

Emmy-winning Will & Grace star Sean Hayes is taking a break from that show to become a teacher. Of course, the sitcom will already be on its spring shooting hiatus. And he won't actually be teaching anyone anything since it's really just a movie role where he plays a teacher. All the same, expect Hayes to take that same "Jack" energy he unleashes every Thursday night and use it for his role in the feature comedy Simon Says. Produced by the fingers-in-every-pie gay team of Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the movie concerns an award-winning teacher who's hired to home-school the "at risk" (read: obnoxious) children of a New York media mogul. With an early 2005 shoot, a late 2005 release isn't out of the question. Whether or not Hayes' character will be the kind of bachelor teacher who instructs kids to do the odd Cher impersonation and that "jazz hands" thing remains to be seen.

Melissa Etheridge TiVo Keyword: Melissa

The media juggernaut that is Melissa Etheridge is only picking up steam. Romeo recently reported that rock's First Lesbian will soon be seen on the big screen playing a transgendered man in Southern Comfort. Well, art-house cinemas weren't big enough for Missy, so she's on her way into your living rooms, too, via ABC. The network may have cancelled Ellen back when, but it just won a bidding war for an untitled sitcom starring Etheridge, one in which she'll play a lesbian music teacher who lives with her straight male best friend. Think Will & Grace, sunny-side up. And this time there's a kid involved, as the two friends co-parent an adopted child. Will the queer high-concept show fly with According to Jim fans? Romeo's keeping his lesbian-loving fingers crossed.

Peter O'Toole Casanova Comes Again

From Doctor Who to Doctor Love, Russell T. Davies, creator of Queer as Folk, keeps the hits coming. The 2.0 version of the sci-fi Who has yet to hit airwaves, but Davies has already taken on another project – a new and as yet untitled BBC drama about Casanova, set to star seven-time Oscar nominee Peter O'Toole. The 72 year-old actor will play the aging ladies man and role model for heterosexual men everywhere, while up-and-comer David Tennant (Bright Young Things) will appear as the younger Casanova in flashbacks. Young gay British comic Matt Lucas, who's making news as the co-creator of the hit BBC comedy Little Britain, will also be featured in the film as a gay Venetian duke. Davies is still working on the script, so don't expect to feel the love anytime in the very near future.

Erszebet Bathory

Lesbian Blood Bath!

Like it or not, homicidal lesbians are one of cinema's long-standing traditions. So it was only a matter of time before the story of Erszebet Bathory made it to the screen. The Canadian indie thriller Eternal, a modern day retelling of the infamous legend of Bathory – a 16th-century Transylvanian countess/vampire who reportedly seduced and murdered 650 women because she believed that bathing in their blood would bring eternal life – has been picked up by Here Films for theatrical release in early 2005. The story involves a vice cop whose vanished wife may or may not have been murdered by a beautiful, sadistic woman. That woman, in turn, may or may not be the immortal countess, but she leads the cop on a deadly cat-and-mouse-style chase all the same. Fans of The Hunger and Basic Instinct, start your engines.

  • Romeo San Vicente's thinks the only good vampire is a lesbian vampire.

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