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Romeo San Vicente | August 23, 2004

George Hamilton Santa Has a Gorgeous Tan

If you ever wished that a handsome, bronzed Santa would fix your feuding family, you'll be able to live vicariously through one clan's holiday miracle in the upcoming TV movie Too Cool for Christmas. Starring old-school SPF-scofflaw George Hamilton (star of Zorro, The Gay Blade, back in the '80s) and Knots Landing diva Donna Mills, it's the story of a fashion-conscious teenage girl (Brooke Nevin of The 4400) who'd rather hang out over the holidays with her new boyfriend than with her two gay dads. But her encounter with the mall Santa (Hamilton) teaches her what everyone who gets taught in movies like this one learns: the true meaning of Christmas! The movie is shooting in summery Vancouver right now and will air this December, when, presumably, its sun-worshipping star will be lounging in Barbados.

Matt Dillon � 2001 USA Films Matt Dillon Rides with Herbie

The first Love Bug movie in years, Herbie: Fully Loaded, will arrive in theaters loaded with gay-friendly features. As Romeo reported earlier, lesbian director Angela Robinson will helm the film, and gay-favorite Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan has her name over the title. Meanwhile, Matt Dillon (In & Out) has joined the cast, as has Breckin Meyer (of the disastrous, degayed 54). And the script is being co-penned by hilarious Reno 911! regulars Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, the latter of whom plays Reno's hotpants-wearing homosexual, Lieutenant Dangle. In a perfect world, Herbie would come out as the first softly butch lesbian automobile in film history and be done with it.

Scott Thompson Griffin and Cho Go Logo

Logo, the new gay cable channel, has a lot of gay and bisexual men lined up to entertain you: Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson will host a reality series called My Fabulous Gay Wedding, and Alan Cumming will have his own eponymous talk show. But it's the gay-adjacent, gay-friendly Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin - who are, let's face it, honorary gay men in female comedians' bodies - whose shows Romeo is most excited about. Cho is developing an as-yet-unspecified series for the network, and Griffin will host a reality show called Fantastic Voyage. The series involves lesbian and gay couples being trailed while taking Caribbean cruises and - if all goes well - misbehaving for the cameras and being grilled by Griffin. Can't wait to watch.

Kath & Kim Are Coming

If Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous had much less money and ugly (OK, uglier) clothes, and were forced out of their designer furniture-stocked homes, they might end up looking a little bit like the women of Kath & Kim. And now, after a few hit seasons on Australian television, the sitcom is hitting American airwaves this September. Nothing about this fictitious, somewhat trashy mother/daughter duo (Gina Riley as daughter Kim; Jane Turner as mum Kath) is absolutely fabulous, but the same politically incorrect irreverence that made Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley gay icons has queer fans on Kath & Kim's home turf staying home to watch. Thanks to gay-friendly cable channel Trio for giving the show a stateside home and for knowing where its queer demographic lives.

Romeo San Vicente's love of Australia - okay, it's really just a crush on Russell Crowe - continues unabated.

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