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Romeo San Vicente | August 2, 2004

 � 2002 Columbia Pictures Jodie Takes Flight

Been missing Jodie lately? Of course, you have. We all have. But she's had kids to raise and, presumably, other things to do besides jumping into every movie that comes along. (That's Charlize Theron's job, anyway.) A while back Romeo reported on Foster's small role in the upcoming French film A Very Long Engagement, but now she's back in a big leading role in a big Hollywood film. Flight Plan, which also marks Hollywood's return to scary airplane movies, will star Foster as a woman whose daughter mysteriously disappears during a flight. To complicate matters, no one remembers seeing the child on the plane in the first place. Earlier casting news placed Sean Penn in the role of a helpful fellow passenger, but now it seems that Boys Don't Cry star Peter Sarsgaard will move from the indies to the majors with this co-starring project.

Stone's New, Improved Ice Pick

It's happening. It's not happening. And now it's happening again. That would be Basic Instinct 2, the beleaguered, long-awaited sequel to the smash 1992 Paul Verhoeven film about a murderous, ice-pick-wielding lesbian. Sharon Stone is finally ready to reprise her role as Killer Katherine now that director David Cronenberg (The Fly) and actor Rupert Everett have come and gone, and the multi-million dollar lawsuit Stone brought against the film's producers has been settled. With all that behind them, the project can finally move forward. Don't expect Michael Douglas on board this time around – Romeo assumes it has something to do with that spare pick Katherine had under the bed – but do expect a reprise of the first film's flashes of nudity.

John Waters Bailey and Barbato Give Deep Throat

One of the most culturally significant and successful films of all time, 1972's Deep Throat, is now the subject of a – what else? – sexually graphic documentary feature. Inside Deep Throat , directed by Party Monster's Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato and produced by A Beautiful Mind's Brian Grazer, will explore how a little porn film with a provocative title ended up being a big, big touchstone of '70s cinema. Universal Pictures is releasing the doc, which features interviews with playboys of the era like Jack Nicholson, Norman Mailer, Warren Beatty, and Hugh Hefner, as well as gay cultural icons John Waters and Gore Vidal. Romeo hopes that some of that era's feminists get to weigh in as well. After all, without Linda Lovelace's parlor trick, there'd have been no movie. Look for the unrated film to hit theaters in 2005.

Cast of Desperate Housewives He's Desperate

Marc Cherry is probably no one you know, but his new TV series might become one you can't stop talking about. Desperate Housewives, debuting on ABC's fall schedule, begins with a suicide in an otherwise perfect suburban neighborhood, and then proceeds to walk the line between Knots Landing–style nighttime soap and dark, mysterious comedy as the housewife who took her own life provides commentary from beyond the grave. Cherry, the show's gay creator and executive producer, has an over-the-top hit on his hands, provided an audience shows up to enjoy actresses like Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, and Nicolette Sheridan (speaking of Knots Landing) do that Stepford 2.0 thing.

Romeo San Vicente has never been, and will never be, desperate.

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