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Survivor produces a hunk
Sarah Palin takes the stage in St. Paul, and though the John McCain camp has ordered the press stay out of her personal life, when has that ever stopped us?; Lynne Spears makes some shocking confessions about Britney; Elton John can snort a tanked Lily Allen under the table and hottie John Kenney.
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Sarah Palin, Lindsay Lohan
Armageddon is nigh when burgeoning lesbian postergirl Lindsay Lohan makes more sense than Republican Presidential nominee John McCain. Linds has a busy week, bitching at her father, penning love notes to her squeeze Samantha Ronson and lecturing Sarah Palin on teen pregnancy. Pop princess gone country Jessica Simpson and Dolly Parton croon a love song to one another. Really! Princess Portia de Rossi's back on TV in a business suit and a bun and Pushing Daisies Kristin Chenoweth spills about kissing Annette Bening. Read more
Another DNA hottie
Kristen Chenoweth tackles meth... in song; Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth put the claws away long enough to promote 90210; Lindsay Lohan has some choice words for daddy; OJ Simpson gets knocked out by his daughter; Hilary Duff�s mom can�t afford a b-day party and hottie Bryan Thomas.
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Michelle Obama, Jodie Foster
It's the Democratic National Convention in the USA and Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton make for smart, hot TV. Gay poster girls Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi are sickeningly happy and beautiful in People. Jodie Foster might have to fork over $25 million in alimony to her ex Cydney Bernard. Cutie-pie and lesbian crush Valerie Bertinelli returns to television, Lily Tomlin has tree-trimming trouble, Cher plays Catwoman as Grizzabella and that hot dominant bitch Tabatha Coffey is scaring the crap out of hapless stylists. Read more
A very gay week
Don't look now Lance Bass, but if Perez Hilton is right, Jonathan Knight of NKOTB is about to double the membership of your out former boybander's club; Ricky Martin pulls a Clay Aiken and makes babies the hard way; Daniel Radcliffe isn't the only Harry Potter star going nude and Jodie Foster might have to cough up $25 million for dumping Cydney Bernard. Read more
Hollywood's lesbian royalty
Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi say 'I do' in a private ceremony surrounded by close family and friends and the paparazzi. Work Out train wreck Jackie Warner turns 40 with a dignified girl-on-girl make out party. Jodie Foster ditches the other woman and reunites with Cydney Bernard? Margaret Cho wants to daisy chain Lezzie Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Roseanne's smart-ass Sara Gilbert signs on for the Big Bang Theory and Brooke Shields tears up Runway. Read more
Olympic hotties
Lindsay Lohan has some choice words for paps who think her sister has implants; for anyone who hasn�t yet had lunch, Ernest Borgnine stays youthful by masturbating; Birthday wishes from Cyndi Lauper to Madonna; the truth about the pastor�s hemorrhoid passing wife and hotties Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Read more
Lucy Lawless, Angelina Jolie
Hard-bodied Olympiads Dara Torres and Natalie Coughlin tug at their wet Speedos. Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz get into a lip lock and a three-way in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Humanitarian hot-ass Angelina Jolie is more man than Tom Cruise in a new role, plus John McCain and Barack Obama both court her. Ugly Betty's America Ferrera gets bitchy with Blake Lively on a press tour for Traveling Pants. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor get Bitch Slapped. And Itty Bitty Titty's on DVD! Read more
A Canadian hunk
Some poor girl turns up dead at Lil' Kim's birthday party; The Golden Girls are accused of standing up Estelle Getty; Mary Kate Olsen manages to incriminate herself by not wanting to be incriminated in Heath Ledger's death; Kanye West has a word for homophobes and hottie Canadian Ryan Reynolds.
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Lindsay – the Lush, the Lezzie
Will there be wedding bells for Hollywood's premiere lesbians Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson? Exes and Ohs and The L Word's Heather Matarazzo says 'I do' to her girlfriend Carolyn Murphy. Dame Dolly Parton's big heart goes out to Lindsay and Britney Spears. Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky's brawls with America's Next Top Model's Bianca Golden. Eva Mendes is too hot to be nude... and she's making out with Jada Pinkett Smith. And Mary Louise Parker is the hottest MILF on the block. Read more
A daytime soap hottie
Hollywood's double standard continues as Shia LeBeouf gets drunk and flips his truck, but doesn't get near the blame as did Lindsay Lohan; Donna Summer to blame for the LA quakes?; Antonio Sabato Jr. has trouble deciding whether he'd rather play dumb or gay; score one for Katy Perry vs. Miley Cyrus and a soap opera hunk. Read more
A new Rocky?!
Sweet Natalie Portman is a hot dominatrix doling out insults on Project Runway. Katy Perry gets more than she bargained for when the girl who kisses her is Whoopi Goldberg. Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez and Brooke Smith are in for more lesbian make out sessions. Rumour has it Angelina Jolie wants her old fling Jenny Shimizu for her twins' godmother. Mad Men is back with buxom Christina Hendricks making smoking look sexy. Plus, my version of an all L Word Rocky Horror, starring Jennifer Beals!
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Some British beef
Fresh from popping out twins comes word Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got a little help from in-vetro; Christian Bale sheds a little light on what led to his arrest; Sherri Shepherd gets a bit too personal about her reproductive past; Screech (a.k.a. Dustin Diamond) is penning a tell-all and hottie of the week James Dawson. Read more
It's all about The L Word
Ilene Chaiken taunts the lesbians with tell of an online continuation of the show and a spin-off starring who knows; Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Katherine Moennig? This just in... Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson in a lesbian relationship... duh. The Emmy Award nominations are in and Tina Fey, Mariska Hargitay, America Ferrera, Holly Hunter and Glenn Close are leading the pack. Plus, Salma Hayek makes way for Penelope Cruz. Read more
�Where�s the beef?�
Madonna attempts to reunite a super-couple on tour (paging Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears); Sarah Jessica Parker sheds her trademark mole; some bat shit crazy homophobe sues Perez Hilton; Sarah Silverman tells Jimmy Kimmel to take a hike; Andy Dick is a drunk and, now, a molester and hottie of the week Matthew �Jett� Schaffer. Read more
Sarah Silverman, Mary Louise Parker
Sassy Sarah Silverman's a single lady now that she's not f***ing Matt Damon or Jimmy Kimmel anymore. Saint Angelina Jolie gives birth to twins in Nice and becomes a national hero. Wanda Sykes and Julia Louis Dreyfus tie the knot California style. Mary Louise Parker makes Elizabeth Perkins her girlfriend and her bitch. Gimme Sugar gives me a toothache but I can't stop watching. And Thigh Master genius Suzanne Somers bares her beaver for the Home Shopping Network. Read more
A South African hottie
Christie Brinkley and her porn addict hubby reach an agreement; National Enquirer claims Cher�s gonna marry some 36-year-old; That slut who screwed Mini Me has details; Blondie from Home Improvement is suing a hotel clerk for tasering him; Lance Bass to gay up Dancing With the Stars and hottie Paul Bester.
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Lindsay Lohan, Kathy Griffin
Hallelujah! Lindsay Lohan survived another year, celebrating her 22nd with Lez pal Samantha Ronson. Madonna's brother Christopher Ciccone reveals whatever the hell is left to tell about his sister's personal life. Big Gay Ellen Degeneres, her hot ass girl Portia de Rossi, All-Powerful Oprah and Gayle King double date in Italy. Kathy Griffin makes crappy crafts with Rosie O'Donnell. Mary Louise Parker plays gay with Julie Delpy and Jessica Alba ruins Barbarella! Read more
No name, no info, just a pic
Pete Wentz talks about homophobia in the new Out; Praises be – Amy Winehouse is under house arrest; Lindsay Lohan is using words like �person� and �partner�; Christie Brinkley�s ex is a big ho; Daniel Radcliffe flaps his jaw and introducing Nick Adams and our new hottie series. Read more
Cyndi Lauper's True Colours
Spritely Cyndi Lauper brings Homo-palooza to Los Angeles! And the spirit of Cyndi's True Colors gay-fest causes wickedly funny Wanda Sykes to bust down her closet door! Big Gay Rosie O'Donnell fires back at old-time gossip girl Cindy Adams and calls her a Lesbo. Bad-assed Angelina Jolie's pumping out privileged twins as we speak, Lucy Lawless drives the tourists at Universal City Walk wild and Bebe Neuwirth heads to Broadway as Goth queen Morticia Addams. Read more
Ryan Daharsh – an old favoutite
From no show to wow show, Amy Winehouse rocks at Madiba's birthday bash and Naomi Campbell turns up anyhow; Madge and Guy Ritchie going their separate ways; another week, another Chace Crawford�s gay rumor – this time with his Gossip Girl co-star; Hulk gives his daughter a rubdown; the Corey�s Haim and Feldman admit to being touched as teens and hottie of the week Ryan Daharsh. Read more
Ellen gets early wedding gift
Big Gay Ellen Degeneres and ass-kissing Rachael Ray duke it out at the Daytime Emmy Awards. Meanwhile, Ellen smooches her lady love Portia de Rossi on camera and waxes on about their impending gay girl nuptials. Pssst... and there won't be a pre-nup! The View's Sherri Shepherd's not as stupid as she pretends. Singer/songwriter Carly Simon wishes she'd gone Lesbo back in the day. And screw goodwill, the ass-kicking Angelina Jolie we know and love is back in Wanted! Read more
David Beckham�s bulge is unveiled
In Union Square no less, causing several middle-aged women to pass out; some dude doppelganger of Britney Spears gets David Hasselhoff all hot; Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon take in a matinee of Sex & the City, then go for an outpatient nip-tuck; Jamie Lynn Spears pops out a little girl and Mario Lopez wants everyone to know he�s hot. Read more
Hollywood's abuzz with gay weddings
So who will be the first Lesbo celebs to tie the knot? Will it be Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi or Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels? The Tony Awards serves up the big pipes with Patti Lupone and Megan Mullally. Little Anne Hathaway is smoking up the big screen in Get Smart. And Joan Rivers drops a live TV F-bomb on Russell Crowe! Read more
Antonio Sabato Jnr, Tila Tequila
Madonna and her gay bro have a falling out, so he decides to sell her out; Linda Hogan hops off Hulk and onto a boy 31 years her junior (and one year her daughter�s junior); Tila Tequila thinks it was her revolutionary show – and not the highly skilled legal team – that legalized gay marriage in California; Wendy Williams – hitwoman and the delicious Antonio Sabato Jnr. Read more
Please God don't let it be true
Is The L Word's Elizabeth Keener really Jackie Warner's latest conquest? La Lush Lindsay Lohan and her girl Samantha Ronson hit up Hollywood's Il Sole with British bad girl Lily Allen. Lesbian heartbreaker Gina Gershon quashes the Bill Clinton double cigar-smoking rumors... again. Rosie O'Donnell spills her big gay guts to Howard Stern, chanteuse Jewel's a top and Top Chef dykes out even more as Lisa Fernandes pouts and postures onward. Read more
Gina Gershon, Anderson Cooper
Vanity Fair says Gina Gershon's banging the former US president, and she's not taking that lying down; Tatum O'Neal shares her plight with some crack heads; Lindsay Lohan's getting domestic with SaMANtha; Charlize Theron sticks by her gays; Donna Brazile gets all hot n' bothered by Anderson Cooper, Willy Shatner is a no at Sulu's wedding and Chorus Line hottie Nick Adams. Read more
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