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Lesbian lust icon Gina Gershon
Rachael Ray, Denise Richards
Is Lohan lesbian?
Kim Cattrall, David Archuleta
Halleluiah for Hollywood homos!
Anne Heche, Jodie Foster
Tony nominees announced
Britney Spears, Barbara Walters
The big'O'
Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey
James Marsden is afraid of sex
Spinning in his undies
Rosie O'Donnell, Britney Spears
Jodie fondles snake
Naomi Campbell, John McCain
The Dinah Shore Weekend
Priscilla Presley, Chace Crawford
The L Word
Kristin Davis, Carnie Wilson
Cyndi Lauper et al
Ashley Dupre, Mandy Moore
Smokin' sexy funny ladies
Sean Faris takes to the streets in Never Back Down
Patrick Swayze, Whitney Houston
The adorable Ellen Page
Boy George, Tyra Banks
Holy Oscars�
Lindsay Lohan, Sheryl Crow
The Oscars and more
Jane Fonda, Bai Ling
It's Valentine's day
Madonna, Colin Farrell and more
Kathy Griffin and Barbara Walters
Cover boy Mike Vogel
All the buzz from the SAG awards
Heath Ledger, Paris Hilton and more...
Cybill Shepherd and The L Word
Men don�t really come much hotter than Eddie Cibrian
And so the new year starts
Effects of the writers� strike
Because it�s the holiday season
A new hottie on the loose
Out or not?
Jodie publicly thanks partner
Queen Latifah – will she, won't she?
CNN hottie A.J. Hammer
Entertainment Weekly�s top entertainers list
The Boy
America�s favourite big-boobed, blonde country star
Naughty nudie pictures
Crossing the picket line
Hollywood screenwriters strike
It's The L Word again
Mario Lopez is hot but such an ass
Ah Halloween
Classic Hollywood's most beautiful women
There�s good news and there�s bad news!
Ellen prefers pussy!
This week's hot slab of beef
This weeks hottie comes to us courtesy of Divorce Court
Sexy actors who play gay
Sarah Silverman slams Britney
The DNA Magazine models
Reichen's new bloke
Celebrity workouts
Sarah Silverman slams Britney
More from Abercrombie & Fitch
Jodie's 'no comment'
Men don�t come hotter than Nick Zano
Two men !!
The swoon worthy Zac Efron
New York City firefighter�s calendar
Jodie Foster 'packs' in her new movie poster
Days� latest find, Trevor Neubauer
More reasons to love Leisha Hailey
Days� latest find, Trevor Neubauer
It�s a divalicious week
Tori Spelling is doing the Lord's work!
Still more about the Beckhams
Nick Lachey – naked!
Portia Di Rossi plays gay
James Marsden, this week's hottie
Throwing down celebrity dirt
Enrique Iglesias, this week's hottie
Every dyke has her day
Fantastic Four's fabulous fave Reichen Lehmkuhl adds to his CV; Mika - is he or isn't he?
Hollywood�s bad girls continue to dominate headlines
Smouldering hot JC Chasez; David Hyde Pierce and much more
Paris joins the jailbirds and much more
Brad Pitt, Rosie O' Donnell, Mary-Kate Olsen and more...
Paris joins the jailbirds and much more
Chad White in "Equus" photoshoot and much more
Mothers I'd Like to Find
Paris behind bars, Lindsay on her way there and Kelly in hot water
Paris joins the jailbirds and much more
Avril Lavigne casts hottie and more
Adam Brody hits the big screen, Angelina Jolie's past and much more
Jennifer Lopez and Madonna - mentors and humanitarians?
Bad boys, Jennifer Lopez, Willa Ford and more
My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps and more
America is officially in a dire place
The Dinah Shore weekend and more
If you can�t take the heat, get the hell off the freeway
Lesbo ladies are busting out all over
Substance abuse runs rampant in Hollywood
Hollywood's dish is getting hotter
Naomi Campbell, Star Jones, Bobby Brown and more
Academy Award's party dregs trickle in
Bobby Brown, Britney Spears, Isaiah Washington and more
'Gay is the new black'
Britney Spears, Anna Nicole and the Barton sisters
A little bit of Academy Awards foreplay
Rumours Surrounding Anna Nicole, Mariah Takes Flight and Robbie Williams does Rehab
A big box of fattening Valentine�s Day chocolates
Anna Nicole, Ted Haggard and More...
Lane Garrison, Courtney Love and more
The Screen Actors' Guild Awards and more
Tara Reid, Lance, Reichen and more
The road to the Oscars
Paula Abdul claims she wasn't bombed
News from the Golden Globes
Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek are not lesbians
This week in the world of lesbian gossip
Is Donald Trump ever going to shut up about Rosie O�Donnell?
Hollywood in crises
Christmas comes early for Carmen Electra
Is Jennifer Hudson a homophobe?
ER's Laura Innes finally gets some lesbian lovin'
Britney Spears tries to outdo Lindsay Lohan
Women exposed
Rosie O'Donnell gives Kelly Ripa a tongue-lashing
Oprah didn�t get invited to TomKat�s wedding
Hollywood stars go gay
DIVORCE is the word of the month in Hollywood
Who knew �Shut the Fuck Up� had the power to become a gay mantra?
Naomi Campbell finally slapped the wrong bitch
The closet doors are swinging wide
Cruz-ing for Action
Michael Jackson flips again
Annette Bening in Lesbian Union
Cher holds a garage sale
A Saved by the Bell sex tape
Hollywood hussy Mischa Barton checks herself
Whitney Houston has finally seen the light
America finally lays its eyes on the elusive baby Suri
Ashlee Simpson continues to keep her trap shut
Tom Cruise's couch hopping ways don't pay
Man arrested for JonBenet's murder
It's going to be a smackdown on the record charts
Mel Gibson offends Jewish community
July was quite the month for gossip on all things lesbian.
Lance Bass tells the world 'I'm Gay'
Did I miss the �National Coming Out Week� Memo?
The original Star Jones is returning to The View for a brief stint
Starwatch continues as the bitch scores a shitty new job
Star Jones gets the chop
Leave it to a diva!
Tom Cruise's cryptic welcoming message to Brangelina
Britney's about to KFed-Ex her hubby ...
Liz Taylor goes on Larry King to prove she's 'not dying'
Someone in Hollywood is LYING!
What the hell is up with using your kid as press?
Portia De Rossi says Ellen DeGeneres is her 'savior'
Britney's pregnant ...
Lost Actress Michelle Rodriguez Stirs Up Lesbian Rumours Once Again
There's already talk of a Star Jones smackdown courtesy of Rosie on The View
Duane Wells weighs in on the Denise Richards / Charlie Sheen divorce
TomKat and Brooke Shields both pop out a kid in the same hospital, same time
Child Protective Services pays attention to Britney Spears and her bitch
Katie Couric is officially jumping ship for CBS
Christina Aguilera lays down big money for lesbian painting
Joy Behar and Star Jones come to blows on live television
Tom Sizemore is up to his old tricks, screwing ladies and taping it
Lesbian magazine Diva chooses Angelina Jolie
We�ve been hearing rumors for years that Faye Dunaway was typecast in Mommie Dearest, and now, we�ve got the tapes to prove it
Our roving gossip columnist brings you ten interesting tidbits live from Las Vegas
George Michael the latest strung out homo to get caught
Donald Trump and Martha Stewart wage a war of words
Rumors have Tom and Katie calling it quits
Angelina Jolie Names Ex-Lover Jenny Shimizu Baby�s Godmother
Would she or wouldn�t she?
The gays sweep the Oscars
The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing
Expos�'s Gioia Bruno Comes Out As Bisexual
We recap the Golden Globes
It�s Official: Angelina is having Brad�s baby
Lindsay Lohan confesses to being a druggie and a bulimic
Angelina Jolie still shacking up with her ex girlfriend?
Trimspa baby?
Brokeback Mountain takes Hollywood by storm
Courtney Love out of rehab just in time for Egg Nog
Paris� old lady Kathy Hilton proves like mother, like daughter>
Rent's Poster Lesbians Tracie Thoms and Indina Menzel
Enrique Iglesias comes clean about his pecker
Ashlee Simpson goes on a McDonalds Bender
Janet Jackson says she don�t got no kid
1-800-DIVORCE for America�s sweethearts Nick and Jessica?
Boy George jumps on the coke wagon
She�s Having a Baby, but who�s baby is it?
Jacko takes the pimp approach to a career makeover<
Kate Moss sniffs out trouble and potential jail time<
Britney Spears brings her baby boy into the world
Katie Holmes to ditch her stage name for something a bit more Cruisey
Xena Star Lucy Lawless Among Those Who Fled Hurricane Katrina
Eddie Murphy trades trannies for Mariah Carey
More Tom Cruise antics
Lucy Lawless wants to take Xena to the big screen
Jude Law's cock nightmare
Britney Spears� stalker gets shot in the leg
Rosie O�Donnell joins broadway Cast of Fiddler on the Roof
It has been quite the catty, busy week in Hollywood
Martina Navratilova settles lawsuit over L Word, Queer as Folk promotions
Sienna Miller tells Jude Law to take a hike
Colin Farrell attempts to block sex tape release
Rob Thomas goes to the mat with Paris Hilton
Ben Affleck and the other Jennifer tie the knot in the midst of pregnancy rumors
Lindsay Lohan disses Disney
It's War - again!
The Tom Cruise vs. Brooke Shields battle
Scary, Baby, Sporty, Posh and Ginger back in action – together
Ellen DeGeneres reveals her personal trauma with childhood abuse
Renee Zelweger and Kenny Chesney's marriage
Gossip mongers bonkers over Paula Abdul scandal
Paula Abdul plays doctor
Kutcher nude for #1 opening?
Britney Spears pregnancy bombshell no surprise
Harridan Housewives
Missy Elliott gay?
Whitney checks into rehab again
Mariah's scary
Paris' former bitch Nick Carter fails sobriety test
The Sheen Divorce
Diane interviews Naomi
Just say it isn�t so!

Deep inside Hollywood etc

Lynch Surrounded by Little Big Men Superman Comes Down to Earth for Bret Easton Ellis
Sean Penn and Matt Damon on Castro Street
Liz Sends Love Letters Zac Efron Stays Seventeen
Kidman Reunites with Hours Director
Ellen Puts on a Really Big Show
Jennifer Garner to Be With Jinks and Cohen
Blonsky and Sheedy Love Harold
Gant and Doherty Spy Hard
Buffy's Spike Carries a Torchwood
Freddy Loves Betty
Justice League Has a Flash of Neil Patrick Harris
Portia Plays One on TV
Angela Bassett Joins Perry's "Madea"
Vivica A. Fox Has It Cover-ed
Portia Plays One on TV
Mischa Barton Loves t.A.T.u.
George Michael's a Vision on Eli Stone
Lance Bass Gets Real for Logo
Cruise Polishes Up a New Birdcage
Reichen Lehmkuhl Journeys to Dante's Cove
Logan Brings DiCaprio Back to '30s Hollywood
Chad Allen Signs on for Gay December-December Romance
Rufus Wainwright Embraces Darkness
Shankman and Sandler Tell Bedtime Stories
Leisha Hailey's Hangin' in La Cucina
Nancy Drew Called Up for Sequel Redeployment
RuPaul Goes Undercover in Starrbooty
Sigourney Weaver Strips Down for Gypsy
Daniel Day-Lewis Is Out for Blood
90210 Star Has New Queer Zip Code
Bellucci Finds Centricity with Schumacher
Cynthia Nixon Keeps an Eye on The Babysitters
Rosie O'Donnell Goes for Laughs with Big Gay Sketch Show
Noah's Arc Lands on the Big Screen
Alan Cumming Oils Up as Tin Man
Super Trouper Meryl Streep Will Star in Mamma Mia!
Depp May Rock You
Margaret Cho Heads East
Michelle Rodriguez to Battle in Seattle
Lohan and Bening Are Wilde Women
Meg Ryan Marries Carrie Fisher's Best Awful
Purcell and Metcalfe Fight Vampires in Town Creek
George Takei Beams into NBC's Heroes
Beyonce and Eva Longoria Are Velvet Lovers
Andy Dick Reveals His Villainous Ambition
Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Fashionably Gay with Bruno
Rosie O'Donnell's Nip/Tuck Character Gets Spin-Off
Julia Roberts Will Eat, Pray, Love with Ryan Murphy
Edie Falco Swayed by Cult Figure
Streep and Collette Make It an All-Star Evening
Zooey Deschanel Takes a Little Piece of Janis
Alanis Romances Lesbian Doctor
Olyphant and Gordon-Levitt Drafted for Stop Loss
Jane Lynch Heads for Spring Breakdown
Heather Matarazzo Checks into Hostel: Part II
Ewan McGregor Shows His Sexual Nature
Collette and Eckhart Sign on for Ball
Fierstein Heats Up Santa Claus
Nicolas Cage Tickles the Ivories as Liberace
Heath Has a Joker Up His Sleeve
Everett and Sedaris Shout for Shrek
Rob Schneider Makes It Big
Jack Nicholson's on Zadan and Meron's List
Johnny Depp Will Sing, Slaughter for Tim Burton
Brendan Fraser Slips into Halston
Ryan Phillippe Enlists for Stop/Loss
Winona Ryder Makes Plans for Sex and Death
Big Cast Bites into Blueberry
McKellen and Sarandon Go to War
Molly Shannon Goes to the Dog
Gershon Prowls Lipstick Jungle
Alan Cumming Is into Suffering
Sarsgaard Is a Man of Mysteries
Augusten Burroughs Shows Up for Showtime
Stone Has an Instinct about a Sequel
Duke Keeps It on the Down Low
Woody Is a Gay Walker
Kanye West's Queer Producer
Is Pitt The Front Runner?
A Not So Itty Bitty Lesbian Movie
Charlize Has the Look of Love
Ex-Gays Move On
Coming Soon: Adam Sandler and Kevin James Get Married
Coming Soon: A Gay Alfred Hitchcock
Steve Carell: The 40-Year-Old Gay Guy
Yep, Ellen's Returning to Sitcoms
The Next Sandra Bernhard Experience
Liza Puts The OH in Ohio
Redgrave and Rudin Love Venus
The Simpsons Host the Brits
Bryan Singer's Final Frontier
Scarlett Johansson Turns Amazon
Fiennes Serves Up Gay Butler
Lily Tomlin Has a Senior Moment
Cumming Going to the Opera
A Very Jackass Christmas
So, Graham Norton's in Movies
Andy Dick Is a First Time Director
Clarkson Tries for Tallulah
Amanda Bynes Is The Man
Rachel Griffiths Is on a Music High
Jodie Takes Two
The Skinny on Mrs. Harris
Nixon Stays in Limelight with Lymelife
Mariel Hemingway Aims to Fire
The Book of Daniel's Queer Verses
Val Kilmer's Rough, Tough, Gay Detective
Streep, Bening, and Paltrow Play Dirty Tricks
Julia Roberts' Three Days on Broadway
Stephen Fry Braves Storm
Glamorama Arrives in Style
The Case of the Queer Detective
Cynthia Nixon Hops into Rabbit Hole
Wanda Sykes Becomes a Man
Alan Cumming: Honorary Lesbian
Usher Says "Yeah!" to Musicals
Hugh Jackman Spreads His Seed
Richard Dreyfuss, Upside Down
Twiggy Fits Top Model
Kelsey Grammer Is Blue and Hairy
Sex Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Stars Line Up for Dylan
Felicity Huffman Has a Sex Change
Kristin Chenoweth Gets Dusty
Jodie Foster Goes Inside
Flicka Finds a Future
Gus Van Sant's Time Machine
McKellen Still Stuck on Magneto
Someone Filmed His Life Tonight
Eve Gets Unstuck
Jesse Loves James
Barrymore Gets Lucky with Messing
Night Comes for Williams and Collette
Logan Gets Drunken with Leo
Lily's Little House on the Prairie
Liam Is Abe, Honest
Desperately Seeking Commuters
Bill Condon Has a Dream
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Goes from Velvet to Elvis
The Confessions of Joseph Lawrence
Cher and Bette Are In the Pink
Davis and Louis-Dreyfus Envision Sellevision
Mischa Barton Meets Boccaccio
Around the World in 80 Days
Che Guevera stars at Sundance
B.D. Wong Delivers Grace
Mrs. Doubtfire Strikes Back
Lane and Broderick Couple Up Again
Carson Comes Down the Chimney
Fierstein on the Roof
Rent Is Due for Diggs and Rapp
The Women Return
Nixon Meets Roosevelt
Heather Has Two Movies
Sean Says Yes to Simon
Counting Down to The White Countess
Melissa and Demi Change Sexes for Comfort
Keaton Surrenders to Dorothy
Chloe Sevigny Gets in the Habit
McKellen and Minogue Make Magic
BloodRayne Showers Loken and Rodriguez<
Johnny Depp Is So 400 Years Ago
Santa Has a Gorgeous Tan
Wahlberg and Bullock Try True
Cher and Chastity Take a Family Outing
Jodie Takes Flight
Frank-N-Furter Sings for Spam
Ian McKellen Never Was
Jude Law Visits Brideshead
John Cusack Is Ex-Gay
Michael Pitt Is Jailbait
Kimberly Peirce to Freeze Charlize
Paltrow Wears Dietrich's Pants
Carson Lands The Perfect Man
Rosie Gets on the Bus
The Singing Porn Star
Ellen Digs Six Feet Under
Hollywood's animated features
Halle Berry Is Watching God
Hayes Pilots Pilot Season
Smith and Sandra See Souls in Silver Lake
Che Guevera stars at Sundance
George Michael Creating Wham-ma Mia?
Will & Grace: The Next American Idol
Taye Diggs Takes the 'Hill'
Taye Diggs Takes the 'Hill'
Julianne Moore "Grace"'s the Screen
Proteus-Slaves to love
Sex and the City Goes Cinemascope
Kathy Bates voice overs for Popeye animated special
McKellen Commits Himself to Asylum
Deep inside Hollywood:
Berlin film fest focuses on South African gay film amongst others
Deep inside Hollywood:
Deep inside Hollywood:
Deep inside Hollywood:
Che Guevera stars at Sundance

News & reviews

Christina Applegate's boyfriend dead from an overdose
Drunk fan arrested for getting grabby with Cher
Amy Winehouse learns the hard way
No prenup for Ellen and Portia
Britain dares say no entry to style maven Martha Stewart
Jamie Lynns baby sparks interest in high-school pregnancy pact
Carly Simon says she's not gay, but wishes she'd tried
Cyd Charisse, last of Hollywood�s great dancers, dead at 87
Joan Rivers gets banned from Brit TV
Sharon Tate killer Susan Atkins �near death�, may be paroled
Madonna shocked by gay brother's tell-all
George Takei and Brad Altman speak out for marriage equality
Lindsay and Samantha �Make a cute couple,� says DJ's brother Madonna�s baby bro Christopher Ciccone dares to tell all
Live from a crack den near you: Amy Winehouse singing racist chants
Gina Gershon slams Bill Clinton affair rumours
Clay Aiken to become a daddy!
Tootsie director Sydney Pollack dead at 74
Karma's a bitch.. according to Chinese, so is Sharon Stone
Jodie Foster left partner for another woman
CNN guest compares Ellen and Portia to polygamist wives
Ellen and Portia plan to marry in California
Lesbian icon Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard call it quits
Mariah Carey had pre-nup after all
Cynthia Nixon reveals battle with breast cancer
Lance Bass speaks out against LGBT discrimination
Rob Lowe nanny Jessica Gibson alleges abuse
No sex for Madonna while Guy Ritchie did the cookie diet
Marilyn Monroe sex tape sells for $1.5 million
Dita Von Teese's lesbian porn sex tape
Gay friend & foe Charlton Heston dead at 83
Transgender pregnant man appears on 'Oprah Winfrey Show'
R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe 'comes out' about being gay
Elton John sings for Hillary Clinton
Halle Berry gives birth to baby girl
Jodie Foster stalker attached to bomb threat at LA airport
American Idol tells stripper David Hernandez his past doesn�t bother them
Whoopi Goldberg sends love to Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze cancer diagnosis true, prognosis not true
Pamela Anderson cries fraud, seeks marriage annulment
Michael Jackson forced to grow up, Neverland Ranch in foreclosure
Lindsay Lohan poses nude for New York Magazine
Dolly Parton�s breasts derail upcoming tour
Chi Chi LaRue takes a stand against barebacking in gay porn
Caesar�s Palace gig pulls Cher out of retirement
Colin Farrell to be gay brother's Best Man
Heath Ledger autopsy results reveal accidental overdose
An end in sight to the Hollywood writers strike?
Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger dead at 28
Bjork goes berserk... again
Harvard comedy mag names Paris Hilton �Woman of the year�
Britney Spears family attacks Dr. Phil
Liza Minnelli falls off stage in Sweden
Madonna gets Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nod
Ricky Martin outed by beautician
After Iggy-Gate: Ellen DeGeneres to rebuild shabby animal shelters
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ike Turner dead at 76
Britney Spears threatens to leak Paris Hilton sex tape
24 star Kiefer Sutherland begins serving his 48 days
Queen Latifah may finally be coming out
Julia Roberts lends a bejeweled hand to mark World AIDS Day
Britney Spears' pals deny pregnancy by JR Rotem
Sexy actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested for public drunkenness
Mary-Kate Olsen hospitalized in Manhattan
Lindsay Lohan spends 84 minutes behind bars
Matt Damon named 'Sexiest man alive'
Actor Scott Caan apologizes for use of anti-gay slur
Britney back in the spotlight for bad behavior
New film follows the Brighton Bandits gay football club
Harry Potter stars talk about story's gay twist
Mr. Bean is waging war against proposed legislation
Judge orders Britney to pay K-Fed-Ex's legal fees
Harry Potter star's next role: A young, gay Salvador Dali
Camelot star Robert Goulet dead at 73
Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner returns to the Stage
Paris Hilton turns boos to cheers for latest movie
Harry Potter fans applaud Dumbledore's outing
David Beckham's disappointing US season ends
Ian McKellen's gay comment causes a stir on Singaporean TV
Warrants issued in ongoing investigation of Anna Nicole death
Oprah plans to chat with gay prince
Pam Anderson weds the guy who spent 1 night in Paris
Britney Spears loses custody of kids to ex-husband
Website posts pictures of Oscar De La Hoya in drag
Adam Sandler a future gay rights activist?
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe interested in 'playing gay'
Prison Break's Wentworth Miller denies he's gay
Carol Channing�s diamond dress snatched from LA hotel
Rosie O�Donnell broke her own bones as a child
Hey, Britney: I didn�t know comeback was spelled B-O-M-B
Sean Penn pegged to play Harvey Milk on the big screen
Paris Hilton outs Christina Aguilera
Beckham accused of using gay slur against teammate
Is Matrix director Larry Wachowski now Lana?
Jerry Lewis: �I obviously made a bad choice of words�
Larry Birkhead denies alleged romance with Howard K. Stern
Jodie Foster has 'no comment' on magazine outing
Jerry Lewis causes stir
Kylie Minogues�s lil� sis in a snit over lesbian photos
Kelly Osbourne to join London cast of Chicago
Wentworth Miller makes 1st public appearance with rumoured boyfriend
Reuters backs off Merv Griffin outing editorial
Britney's former assistant denies lesbian fling
Kelly Osbourne to join London cast of Chicago
BBC viewers squirm over Rupert Everett's lewd remarks
Beckham and Williams slotted for Housewives as gay couple
Kelly Osbourne to join London cast of Chicago
Enrique Iglesias rattled by gay debut
Isaiah Washington scores gig on NBC�s Bionic Woman
Tori Spelling's 1st act as ordained minister - gay wedding
Openly gay Lance Bass takes on Broadway's Hairspray
Hairspray star John Travolta denies rumours of homophobia
Sex and the City reunion set for big screen
The evolution of Enrique Iglesias
Isaiah Washington claims he tried to quit before being terminated
The gayest movies of all time
Enrique Iglesias says he's jealous of gays
Prison Break�s Wentworth Miller dating Luke McFarlane?
Her 23 days served, Paris Hilton released from jail
Tom Cruise wants David Beckham
Isaiah Washington says 'ABC fired the wrong guy'
Shift's up for Isaiah Washington
Paris Hilton ordered back to jail
Paris out of jail after just 5 days behind bars
Jail time by way of MTV Awards for Paris Hilton
Paula Abdul insists she�s never done drugs, been drunk
Lindsay Lohan issues statement, confirms rehab reports
Emmy Winner David Hyde Pierce makes it official: He�s gay
Paris drops appeal, preps for jail
'Better be good' to Ike Turner: Arrest a mistake
Rosie O�Donnell claims Ellen DeGeneres' contract forbids lesbian talk
Free Paris Hilton protest attracts a whopping 3 people
Judge sentences Paris Hilton to 45-day jail term
Grey's Isaiah Washington accepts new role as GLAAD spokesperson
Escort claims Boy George attacked him
Arthur continues to fight Birkhead for custody of Anna Nicole�s baby
Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington opts out Of Emmy Award bid
us Van Sant, Bryan Singer both slotted for Harvey Milk films
Former American Football player goes gay for movie
Victory fund condemns Roseanne Barr's anti-gay comments
Anna Nicole�s baby finds her dad: It�s Larry Birkhead
Jodie Foster and Anderson Cooper - Powerful and gay?
Ricky Martin defends pop stars who come out
Dancing with the Stars Heather Mills wanted a gay dance partner
Autralia: Gay Big Brother star's political ambition blocked by conservatives
Accidental drug overdose killed Anna Nicole Smith
Elton John urges stance against homophobia
Ten Minutes with Macy Gray
Britney Spears does her 28 days, gets out of rehab
DNA collected to determine paternity of Anna Nicole's baby
Tonya Harding says asthma medication made her do it
Tobago church leaders seek ban on Sir Elton John
The sensual world of the men of ballet
Virgie Arthur seeks guardianship of Anna Nicole's baby
Gay sex scandal suggests Mario Vasquez forced to leave American Idol
American Idol finalist Mario Vasquez in gay sex suit
Drug rehab centre sues Courney Love over unpaid bill
Santitation workers to share floor mopping duties with Naomi Campbell
GLAAD applauds Mexican singer Christian Ch�vez for coming out
Soccer star David Beckham injured during game
Heather Mills to use artificial leg as weapon on Dancing With the Stars
Daniel Radcliffe hotter (and more naked) than ever on the London stage
Bobby Brown too broke to get out of jail
Howard K. Stern to hand over Anna Nicole�s baby� if the price is right
Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Etheridge big winners at Oscars
Calling all gay icons
Anna Nicole Smith's ex-lesbian lover speaks out about affair
Ooops, she did it again: Britney Spears out of rehab
Florida judge rules more DNA to be taken from Anna Nicole Smith
5 potential fathers, but who will inherit Anna Nicole�s money?
Messed up Hollywood moms: Britney, Courtney and more
Anna Nicole Smith dead at 39
Real World�s Davis says he didn�t intend on Reichen/Lance break-up
Brandy awaits sentencing
T.R. Knight to Leave Anatomy?
Oprah is America's top favourite TV personality for 5th year
Judi Dench shows the reality of gay teachers in UK in new film
Mike Tyson pleads not guilty to drug charges
Grey's Anatomy star to discuss gay slur with GLAAD
Grey's Isaiah Washington issues lengthy apology for anti-gay comment
Oprah is America's top favourite TV personality for 5th year
Groups demanding apology, pink slip for Anatomy star�s gay slur
Alan Cumming weds long-time partner
TR Knight tells Ellen: co-star Washington lied to reporters
Michael Jackson sued over $100K prescription drug bill
Soccer god David Beckham signs $250 million deal with Los Angeles Galaxy
Hunky Wentworth Miller denies gay rumours
Oprah Winfrey targeted in extortion plot
Pop princess Kylie Minogue nabs top gay icon honour
Here�s what Reichen says
Los Angeles judge dismisses charges against sober Courtney Love
Nicole Richie charged with drunk driving
Courtney Love's Dirty Blonde secrets
Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl go their separate ways
Hepburn�s Breakfast at Tiffany�s dress fetches $800K for charity
Break-Up stars Aniston and Vaughn do just that
Beyonce remembers close bond with gay uncle
Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl go their separate ways
Sir Elton John's message to Australian PM: 'up yours'
Pam and Kid toss out the turkey, file for divorce
Gael Garcia Bernal backs Mexico City's civil unions law
News Corp axes O J Simpson book, TV special
KFed allegedly threatens Britney with release of sex tape
Sir Elton John: 'Religion turns hatred toward gay people'
Oops � Britney�s divorcing again
Neil Patrick Harris proud to say he's gay
Reichen Lehmkuhl sexually assaulted in Air Force
Anatomy star Washington issues apology for gay slur
Boy George admits to paying for sex
HIV/AIDS agency sues Boy George for refund
Babs slams Bush and tells fan to shut the f**k up!
It ain�t so easy Being Bobby Brown
Who Is Anna Nicole�s Baby Daddy? George Michael found asleep at the wheel again
Lethal drug combination killed Anna Nicole Smith's son
Hollywood reggae show cancelled over homophobic performer
Women in the Movies II
Men in the Movies II
Whitney Houston has finally seen the light
When Whitney bid Bobby adieu
Women in the Movies
Men in the Movies
Aguilera comes out about dating man with gay past
Massive heart attack claims Anna Nicole Smith's son
Brangelina won�t tie the knot 'til gay couples can
Despite inspired nominations, Emmys offer few surprises
Exhibition in Jhb explores black lesbianism
From The Amazing Race to 'NSYNC's Lance Bass
Lance Bass tells People Magazine I�m gay
Cyndi Lauper closes most profitable Gay Games ever
Oprah, Gayle 'not gay'
Paris and Nicole to plan lesbian wedding
Mobster who inspired gay Sopranos storyline gets life behind bars
DC Comics� outing of Batwoman draws mixed response
Megan Mullally to participate in Chicago Gay Games opening ceremony
Ellen and Anne Heche meet for 1st time since breakup
k.d. lang and Cirque du Soleil for Outgames opening
Margaret Cho to perform at opening of Gay Games
Despite experimenting, rocker Dave Navarro says he�s �Not Gay�
Catherine Deneuve to co-host 2006 LifeBall for HIV/AIDS Festival
Ireland launches third Dublin Gay Theatre Festival
Robin Williams keen to confront gay rumours
George Michael faces immigration ban from drug charges
Brokeback Mountain Banned in Bahamas
Producers ax lesbian sex from Basic Instinct sequel
Boy band singer ties the knot in UK gay union
Has America�s favorite talk-show host crossed a line?
Brokeback phenomenon ripples throughout Hollywood
Movie Mayhem: Oscar 2005
George Michael bailed after drugs arrest
Dolly Parton fields hate mail for gay following
Boy George slams gay marriage as outdated
French film icon Catherine Deneuve shocked by success of Brokeback
All Aboard! Rosie's Family Cruise
Johnny Weir and Press face off on inevitable gay question
Ian McKellen criticizes Hollywood�s treatment of gay and lesbian actors
Catherine Zeta-Jones to take on transgender movie role
Brad Pitt looking for his Brokeback
Brokeback Mountain leads the pack with 8 Oscar nods
Elton John to apologize for saying Madonna lip-synchs
'Devil's servant' Wilde in news again at literary auction
Get your PHIXX with the delectable Andrew Kinlochan!
Britney states her prerogative!
Is Elton John's fortune going multimedia?
It's Sex and Kultuur time again!
Lars von Trier ready to revolutionize gay porn
Wahlberg and Bullock Try True
Entertaiment briefs: Cycling for charity
Sarah Jessica Parker makes her mark on Gap jeans
Jackson's lawyers ask for 4 months delay
Taiwanese movie banned for portraying 'homosexual utopia'
Val Kilmer is Moses in Ten Commandments musical
Entertaiment briefs
Richard Gere: fighting aids more important than Tibet issue
Sharon Stone signs for Basic Instinct 2
Director defends film based on German cannibal
Yoko Ono takes gay marriage fight to dance clubs
German cannibal's story for the big screen
R&B; Singer Marla Glen and girlfriend celebrate gay union
Kline finds 'de-lovely' role as composer Cole Porter
SA hopes to draw film studios with $40 million incentives
Elton John fund-raising concert for soccer team
Entertainment briefs
Beenie Man concert canceled over alleged homophobic lyrics
Ashley Olsen cancels Australian trip to be with sister
Entertainment quotes
Report: Madonna to tour Israel with Kabbbalists
US Senate approves raising fines against indecent programming
Mary-Kate Olsen being treated for eating disorder: report
Jena Malone not worried about religious satire in Saved!
Madonna chooses new name
New records inspections proposed for US pornography industry
Newlyweds J-Lo and Marc Anthony expecting baby: report
Ex-Navy Seal ordered to stay away from Halle Berry
MTV edits Eminem's movie awards performance
Jennifer Lopez marries Marc Anthony in Los Angeles
Entertainment briefs
China worried about Britney's revealing outfits
Liz Taylor sues to keep her Van Gogh
Ellen Degeneres rebounds after career slump
Gwyneth Paltrow to play Marlene Dietrich
Madonna reinvents herself again
Nicolas Cage, Lisa Marie Presley divorced – at last
Brad Pitt: "I'd give myself four more years to make great films"
Jackson's attorney says indictment names five co-conspirators
Entertainment briefs
Fans claim 'Madonna of the Townships'
Brenda's coke laced with rat poison: report
Natalie Cole to tour with Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick
Entertainment briefs
Sony: cross-functions among TVs, PCs, cameras and cell phones Brenda's funeral postponed
Fassie to be buried in Cape Town: EMI
Brenda died peacefully
Cannes film festival opens
Blockbusters coming soon: the big three: Harry Potter, Spider-Man and Shrek.
Nia Vardalos of 'Greek Wedding' fame writes for outcasts
Mandela visits Fassie
Jackson memorabilia seized in child molestation case
Entertainment briefs
Fassie in stable condition, may have brain damage
Sharon Stone recognized by lesbian rights group
Jackson replacing lawyers
Interview: Tilda Swinton (Young Adam) talks to Pam Grady.
Reports: Jackson indicted by grand jury on child molestation charges
Thai transsexual kickboxer happy with film bio
LA porn industry slows down after Aids/HIV scare
Kevin Spacey 'mugged' in London park
Sony develops paper DVD
Turning Wham's catalog of hits into a stage musical
Will & Grace's Debra becomes a mum
Thank you for the music: recording studio to shut its doors
Global music sales slide for fourth year: report
Sony sells Culver Studios for $125 mil
Video games: online consoles soar while PCs stumble
George Michael eyes Timberlake
Jackson hysteria in the corridors of Congress
Prince opens his own online music store
Underwear model claims affair with JFK jr's wife
Re-looked TV documentaries fight back in reality driven world
Camp 70s Dutch TV show now a film showing at Cinema Nouveau
Michael Jackson: prosecution plans secret grand jury sessions
Michael Jackson's first accuser may testify against him: report
Gay children's book outrages US
Charlize brings Oscar home
Charlize meets Madiba
Charlize gallery
Attorney wants Michael Jackson to lose child custody
George Michael to put future songs on internet, for free
NBC countersues Will & Grace creators
Doccie on gay teen hits the road
American Psycho to play Batman
Will & Grace's Minnie Driver means weirder things to come
Johnny Depp - known for camp roles, is becoming a box office hit
Jolie has signed on to appear as the mother of Alexander the Great
Two Truman Capote movies in pre-production
Queer as Folk creator has found Jesus in The Second Coming
Movie of the week: 8 Women
Below The Belt investigates adult topics
Deep Inside Hollywood: The Incredible, Well hung Hulk
Director John Schlesenger dies at 77
Oscar-winning gay director John Slessenger off life support
Jolie to play Alexander the Great's mother
Deep Indise Hollywood
T3 wins battle of the sequels



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