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Lasting impression
This is certainly a laid-back compilation, suited to soft, peach-coloured sunsets and sea breezes. This is not an edgy, knock-your-socks-off display of the flashy talents of green jazz cats. It�s a beautiful, balanced, accomplished album, writes Michelle Matthews, reviewing our choice of the week, Jazz Impressions Volume 1.
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New porn
What began as an experiment to beat boredom is today one of rock�s success stories - 31-year-old Arno Cartens�s latest musical distraction, New Porn.

Singing to save the money
Concerned South Africans and music lovers can finally do something to help rid their country of crippling Third World debt, writes Nawaal Deane. More
Emotionally synthetic
Sneaker Pimps' Bloodsport takes you on a journey marked by eclectic, laid-back rock elements thrown together with sweeping electronica. More
Gloria Gaynor's first worldwide release in 15 years encompass 15 singles including the debut power ballad I Never Knew with remixes. More
CD of the Week: Zen Arcade: Release
After their independently Released debut, Snowflake, was nominated for a South African Music Award and impressed many critics, all eyes were on local four-piece rock act Zen Arcade.




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