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New Afrikaans book deals with homosexuality and the church

August 05, 2008

Daar�s �n Gay Pastoor in my Kop, by Philip Liebenberg. Trade Paperback. R190.00

The issue at stake in this book, homosexuality in the church, remains high on the agenda of practically all religious denominations.

The author, Philip Liebenberg, denied his homosexuality for over 20 years. As a young man in denial of his homosexuality Philip married, had a child, and also became a very successful Johannesburg pastor. But he remained ill at ease and unfulfilled.

Eventually Philip�s wife divorced him, and he came to terms with his gayness and found peace and fulfilment with his partner, Johan.

Philip is currently pastor of Die Kapel in Melville, Johannesburg. The book achingly represents the torment that a gay man goes through. Philip insists on total honesty: it is only through being honest with himself and others that he is able to face the truth about his life. He is also perceptive, and the book contains some excellent insights, not only about his own homosexuality, but also about relationships, the church and faith in general.

His intensely honest soulsearching in this dangerous quest for the truth comes across clearly on every page.

This book will be published in Afrikaans. – Issued by Trade Paperback

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