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Bestselling author of Boston Boys Club delivers another witty, sexy novel

Craig Bentley | July 14, 2008

Miami Manhunt, by Johnny Diaz. Kensington Books.

With Miami Manhunt, author Johnny Diaz changes the locale from his bestselling debut, Boston Boys Club, to his hometown of Miami Beach, specifically South Beach. Located on the ever-hot Lincoln Road, Score is home to the most gorgeous males ever created by God or a lifetime gym membership. Every Friday night three friends rendezvous at Score to check out the steady stream of beautiful men coursing in and out�

Ray Martinez, the resident movie critic at the Miami Chronicle, is tired of hooking up with sculpted, shallow hunks. He would give the Miami dating scene a one-star review. Ted Williams, host of a popular Miami version of Entertainment Tonight, enjoys the perks of his celebrity status but a reckless move could cost him everything. While Brian Andrews lives the life of leisure with his fabulously wealthy older boyfriend, but can�t seem to shake his attraction to a Puerto Rican love god named Eros. Miami Manhunt follows these three friends over the course of one wild year when love gets crazy, hearts get broken and mended, and the only thing to count on is the fact that life will never be the same again.

About the author

Johnny Diaz, the only gay Latino writer in the US currently writing contemporary gay Hispanic fiction, is a Living/Arts writer for The Boston Globe, where he writes about pop culture, style trends and Hispanic-related stories. Previously, Diaz was a reporter for The Miami Herald where he shared in the 2000 Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the federal seizure of Elian Gonzales and its aftermath. MTV Real World fans will remember him as the �gay guy�s boyfriend� from the Miami season. Readers can visit his website at www.beantowncuban.com. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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