New book explores the personal stories of gay and straight wrestlers

Real Men, Real Stories

January 24, 2007

Growing Up Wrestling, edited by Victor Rook. Rook Communications, 140 pages, $15.95 paperback.

It would seem the introduction of the Internet is responsible for another phenomenon – introducing men, both straight and gay, to the wonderful world of wrestling. Not the wrestling we see on our television screens, which comes across, nowadays, as a staged extravaganza, but the serious wrestling for the everday man.

This book is a collection of 130 stories from guys all over the world recounting their personal fascination with the sport, from the moment they first became aware of wrestling until aduldthood.

This book is an amazing insight into the homoerotic aspect of the sport even though not all the stories are written by gay men, some are the stories of straight men, some single others married.

This book is a 'must have' for anyone who has ever dreamt of the physical contact and the struggle of wrestling. It is available online at WrestleMen.com

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