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First novel by Gerald Kraak: Joint winner of EU literary award

April 21, 2006

Ice in the Lungs, by Gerald Kraak. Jacana Media Publication, R135.00 paperback.

Ice in the Lungs, the first novel by Johannesburg-based development consultant Gerald Kraak, was joint winner of the second EU Literary Award. The story revolves around a group of students who are caught up in South Africa's political uprising in 1976. They find refuge in a Greek bar where they find that its owner, George's own background and experiences in Stalinist Greece parallels theirs.

It is a moving story of bravery, betrayal and unrequited love in which the despair and danger of both the students' and George's lives mirror each other. An inspired study in moral uncertainty, Ice in the Lungs, reveals the conflicting nature of political and sexual choices and their unforeseen consequences.

"It's bold narrative narrative and taut writing make for an assured and compelling novel," – Professor Bhekisizwe Peterson, EU Literary Award Judge

Bitches' Brew was joint winner, of the second EU Literary Award, with Gerald Kraak's Ice in the Lungs. One of the award judges and internationally reknowned author Veronique Tadjo had this to say about the novels:

"Exciting new writing, full of punch, courage and intelligence. Both novels change our perception of history and life in general by exploring previously overlooked topics."

Gerald Kraak is head of the South African office of Atlantic Philanthropies and international charitable organisation. Kraak, who studied English and History at the University of Cape Town worked in the anti-apartheid movement when he left South Africa to avoid conscription into the military. He has published two books on South African politics and directed a film documentary on gay conscripts in the apartheid army.

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