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Edward Carpenter - A life of liberty and love
This is one of the best political biographies for many years. As well as being a book about a little-known icon of past history; it is bursting with ideas that are still relevant to the future of humanity - for LGBT and straight people. Read more

Interview with Michael Thomas Ford
In Changing Tides, humorist and novelist Michael Thomas Ford echoes John Steinbeck and tells the tale of a marine biologist who comes to terms with his sexuality in his forties. The author of 20 young adult novels, you'll finally start to see those books published under his name, because in his words, it's suddenly good to be 'the gay guy.' Read more

Daar’s ‘n Gay Pastoor in my Kop
The author, Philip Liebenberg, denied his homosexuality for over 20 years. The issue at stake in this book, homosexuality in the church, remains high on the agenda of practically all religious denominations. As a young man in denial of his homosexuality Philip married, had a child, and also became a very successful Johannesburg pastor. But he remained ill at ease and unfulfilled. Read more

Bestselling author of Boston Boys Club delivers another witty, sexy novel
A novel about gay life from a Latino perspective. With Miami Manhunt, author Johnny Diaz changes the locale from his bestselling debut, Boston Boys Club, to his hometown of Miami Beach, specifically South Beach. Located on the ever-hot Lincoln Road, Score is home to the most gorgeous males ever created by God or a lifetime gym membership. Read more

Kensington Books to publish 1st novel from award winning playwright and actor Frank Anthony Polito
'Band Fags!' is like the gay teen flick John Hughes never got around to making. Let's face it, there's a Band Fag in all of us and Frank Anthony Polito has his on speed dial. This book is a sweet, funny, deeply felt valentine to the wonder/horror of coming of age in the 1980s. You might just pee your parachute pants. – Dennis Hensley, author of Misadventures in the (213) Read more

To Have and To Hold: The Making of Same-sex Marriage in South Africa
This is an abridged version of the address given by Melanie Judge, on 13 May 2008, at the Cape Town launch of the book. It tells of the trials and tribulations that led to the legalisation of same-sex marriage in South Africa. Read more

Other Men's Sons
The books reviewed include David Leavitt's latest novel; the fifth novel from "Timothy James Beck" (a group of writers); a collection of journalism pieces from Michael Rowe; and an anthology of erotic stories about cross-dressing. Read more

Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life
The books reviewed include a new novel by acclaimed gay novelist David Plante; a collection of queer fiction about sexual mutability; a gay memoir of Woodstock; and a young-adult novel about being queer, Christian, and Latino. Read more

The books reviewed include a black queer romance; a novel about a lesbian "of size"; a memoir by Don Clark, author of the classic Loving Someone Gay; and a visual history of T-shirts from the gay rights movement. Read more

The View from Here: Conversations with Gay and Lesbian Filmmakers
The books reviewed include a steamy novel about gay priests; a novel about lesbian cowgirls; an inventive two-novels-in-one young adult book; and a collection of interviews with gay and lesbian filmmakers. Read more

Dahlia Season: Stories and a Novella
The books reviewed include a short fiction collection about Chicana dykes, by Myriam Gurba; Wayne Koestenbaum's meditation on hotels; a memoir of an average gay couple's same-sex marriage; and an anthology of autobiographical work by seven erotica writers. Read more

I Had to Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard's Fall
The books reviewed include a novel about conjoined twins - one straight, one gay; an account of the fall of Ted Haggard, by the man who outed him; a lesbian romance set in the world of emergency medical services; and an anthology of 60 years of gay erotica.
Read more

Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary
The books reviewed include a supernatural queer novel set in New Orleans; a spoof of '50s lesbian pulp novels; a memoir from poet Kenny Fries; and a history of same-sex desire in early America.
Read more

The Child
The books reviewed include new fiction by Jay Quinn and Sarah Schulman; an anthology of fiction by "best" gay writers; and a study of masculinity and sexuality in high school.
Read more

Brian Howard: Portrait of a Failure
The books reviewed include new fiction by Edmund White; a collection of essays about San Francisco; a queer vampire novel; and a memoir of literary critic Brian Howard. Read more

My Side of the Story
The books reviewed include new novels by Armistead Maupin and Patricia Grossman; a coming-of-age novel by Will Davis; and a study of gay autobiography over the past 60 years.
Read more
Fried & True: Tales from Rehoboth Beach
The books reviewed include a new historical novel by Thomas Mallon, about the McCarthy era; a comic lesbian novel about a dysfunctional Italian family; a second collection of newspaper columns from Fay Jacobs; and Martin Duberman's biography of Lincoln Center great Lincoln Kirstein. Read more
Blind Curves
The books reviewed include a new novel by Samuel R. Delany; the gossipy journals of former Conde Nast editor Leo Lerman; a lesbian mystery by Diane and Jacob Anderson-Marshall; and an anthology of Canadian gay male poets. Read more
Jacko, His Rise and Fall: The Social and Sexual History of Michael Jackson
The books reviewed include an anthology about the relationships between gay men and straight women; a new Aud Torvingen mystery from Nicola Griffith; a queer mystery set in the world of young Asian-American club boys; and a biography of Michael Jackson.
Read more
Androphilia: A Manifesto Rejecting the Gay Identity, Reclaiming Masculinity
The books reviewed include Mark Doty's latest book, Dog Years; an anthology of black queer writing; a new Bella Books lesbian romance by Gerri Hill; and an argument against gay identity, by Jack Malebranche. Read more
The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein
The books reviewed include new novels by Noel Alumit and Val McDermid; a collection of the work of poet and filmmaker James Broughton; and a study of the authorship of Frankenstein.
Read more
Mississippi Sissy
The books reviewed include a memoir by Vanity Fair writer Kevin Sessums; a gay novel set in 1948 at Harvard, by Samuel Park; an easygoing lesbian romance, by Dani O'Connor; and a hybrid collection of poetry and prose, by Jeffery Conway Read more
The IHOP Papers
The books reviewed include a novel of punkish lesbian angst; an "embellished memoir," a la David Sedaris, which takes place in Latin America; a gay teen ghost story; and a lesbian novel set in a religious small town in the '70s. Read more
The Danger Dance
The books reviewed include a queer-laced mystical adventure set in Miami after Castro's death; an essay collection on the meaning of "butch"; an anthology of gay spirit stories; and a queer sci-fi adventure. Read more
Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins
The books reviewed include the new tell-all from actor Rupert Everett; Stray, a sequel to Sheri Joseph's debut novel; a memoir of a young gay man's prison years; and a novel about the erotic Jesus.
Read more
Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics
The books reviewed include an anthology from Dennis Cooper; a queer-themed novel set in Australia; an analysis of bisexuality in contemporary life; and a collection of the photos of Bob Mizer of the Athletic Model Guild of the mid-20th century. Read more
  • New book explores explores the personal stories of gay and straight wrestlers
    The books reviewed include the novels, SoMa by Kemble Scott and Women's Studies, by Julia Watts; gay travel essays by Gerard Wozek; and a new edition of the classic Gay Art.
    Read more
    Bow Grip
    The books reviewed include novels by Ivan E. Coyote and Robert Marshall; a memoir of a year in Rome, by Leonard Barkan; and an anthology of autobiographical essays by sexual outlaws, societal misfits, gender deviants, and nervy queers.
    Read more
    Best of 2006
    It's a good year for queer readers when books by the likes of Christopher Bram, Edmund White, Norah Vincent, Leslie Feinberg, Cheryl Clarke, Stephen McCauley, and Andrew Holleran are crowded out of the Book Marks Top 10 lists. Impressive debut work from a new generation of skilled writers – including Wayne Hoffman, Patrick Ryan, Robert Marshall, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, Ivan E. Coyote, and Mary Jacobsen – also didn't make the cut. Read more
    Point to Point Navigation: A Memoir, 1964 to 2006
    The books reviewed include Gore Vidal's new memoir; a queer-themed novel set in pre-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans; a reprint of a classic study of lesbians by Ann Aldrich; and a personal account by an HIV-positive man about his experiences with AIDS groups in Africa and Asia. Read more
    Writing My Love
    The books reviewed include a new Claire McNab novel; a gay-themed novel set in a Tunisian port town; a young-adult novel about teenage tolerance; and an anthology of short stories about bisexual men. Read more
    Exiles in America
    The books reviewed include the latest novels from Christopher Bram and Baxter Clare; a memoir about the relationship between gay twin brothers; and an anthology of essays by gay men about their dogs. Read more
    Death of a Department Chair
    The books reviewed include a lesbian academic whodunit; a third gay novel from Rob Byrnes; a global history of the AIDS epidemic; and a queer-themed children's book.
    Read more
  • New book explores history of homophobia in US black churches

    The books reviewed include new novels by Sheila Ortiz-Taylor and Neal Drinnan; a memoir of Judy Garland, by actor John Carlyle; and a young-adult novel from David Levithan.
    Read more
    Gay L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick Lesbians
    The books reviewed include a history of gay Los Angeles; a suspenseful romance that blends gay fiction with spiritual wisdom; a lesbian love story, featuring a ghost; and Patricia Nell Warren's history of LGBT athletes. Read more
    Jokes and the Unconscious: A Graphic Novel
    The books reviewed include a graphic lesbian novel by Daphne Gottlieb and Diane DiMassa; a second gay-themed young-adult novel from Brian Sloan (A Really Nice Prom Mess); a memoir from Guggenheim-winning novelist, poet, and professor Rigoberto Gonzalez; and a chronicle of the election of Bishop Gene Robinson. Read more
    Gay Power: An American Revolution
    The books reviewed include a history of the early gay liberation movement; an outdoor-adventure memoir, by Lucy Jane Bledsoe; and the latest novels from E. Lynn Harris and Karin Kallmaker. Read more
    Proust in Love
    The books reviewed include an absurdist allegory from gay novelist Clifford Chase; a lesbian novel set in Cowslip, Idaho; a biography of Marcel Proust's gay liaisons; and a memoir of growing up queer among British punk rockers. Read more
    The Homoerotic Photography of Carl Van Vechten: Public Face, Private Thoughts
    The books reviewed include a study of the homoerotic photographs of Carl Van Vechten; a slapstick lesbian mystery; a gay-themed novel by British writer Hugh Fleetwood; and a self-help book by "gender outlaw" Kate Bornstein. Read more
    Intellectual books
    The books reviewed include a memoir by Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN; a lesbian novel about a college professor and her drag king lover; a gay novel set in the working-class Deep South; and a study of the intersections between "crip" and "queer" theory. Read more
    A porno star remembers
    The books reviewed include the latest novel from Andrew Holleran; a how-to book on the lesbian coming-out process; a memoir from British porn star Aiden Shaw; and a nonfiction book about gay identity and spirituality. Read more
    A Gay Man's Self Help book
    The books reviewed include a novel about gay men in suburbia; a young-adult novel about a lesbian couple's divorce; a novel about a gay entomologist; and an advice book for gay men on improving their self-image. Read more
    Another mixed bag
    The books reviewed include a new novel by Tom Spanbauer (author of The Man Who Fell in Love With the Moon); a memoir about using crystal meth, by Patrick Moore; an essay anthology of African-American writing on gay and lesbian identity; and a new gay dictionary. Read more
    Of this and that
    This week a graphic memoir by cartoonist Alison Bechdel; the latest novel from Stephen McCauley; a novel about the friendship, over time, of a straight woman and a lesbian; and the autobiography of Olympic gold swimmer Mark Tewksbury. Read more
    Mostly autobigraphy
    The books reviewed include the autobiography of Edmund White; a lesbian novel set in France, by Jane Merchant; a new novel – after a hiatus of 20 years – from John Weir; and a collection of essays by under-24s exploring their queer identities.
    Read more
    Coming out stories and a vampire novel
    The books reviewed include the latest novel from Michelle Tea; a memoir from former NFL-er Esera Tuaolo; a combination coming-out/on-the-road account from Lori Soderlind; and a vampire novel from M. Christian. Read more
    First novel by Gerald Kraak: Joint winner of EU literary award
    Ice in the Lungs, the first novel by Johannesburg-based development consultant Gerald Kraak, was joint winner of the second EU Literary Award. It is a moving story of bravery, betrayal and unrequited love. Read more
    Vampires, spoilt lesbians and religious gays
    The books reviewed include a memoir by Jonathan G. Silin, a gay man who was caretaker to his elderly parents; a queer vampire novel by Michael Schiefelbein; a lesbian romantic comedy by Saxon Bennett; and a nonfiction book about gay male Catholics. Read more
    From history to family
    The books reviewed include Sarah Waters' new historical novel; a queer-themed novel by Patrick Ryan, focusing on a family from the mid-1960s to the present; a memoir by performance artist Tim Miller; and a collection of essays about the pioneering late gay historian John Boswell. Read more
    A mixed bag
    The books reviewed include a memoir by Wade Rouse of growing up gay in the Ozarks; a post-apocalyptic lesbian-themed novel by Meghan O'Brien; a poetry collection by Martin Pousson, a queer Southern Cajun; and a limited-edition short story from Dennis Cooper. Read more
    A memoir and some lessons in writing
    The books reviewed include a memoir by Bernard Cooper about his father; a new fiction collection from Rebecca Brown; the latest Benjamin Justice mystery from John Morgan Wilson; and a nonfiction book on writing by Samuel R. Delany. Read more
    Books on the black and jewish struggle
    The books reviewed include a new lesbian novel from Lee Lynch; a volume of short stories from Lev Raphael; an essay collection from African-American gay writer Thomas Glave; and a short-story collection from Felice Picano. Read more
    A comic novel, lesbian mystery stories and erotic photos
    The books reviewed include the third comic novel of Joe Keenan; an anthology of lesbian mystery stories; a memoir of a gay life in Greenwich Village; and a collection of the erotic photos of David Hurles. Read more
    Biographies: real and imagined
    The books reviewed include a tabloid-style account of Marlon Brando's sexual exploits, including his affairs with men; a new novel from Randy Boyd, about a gay cheerleader and an NFL quarterback; David Leavitt's biography of mathematician Alan Turing; and a romance by Radclyffe about the escapades of the president's lesbian daughter. Read more
    A mixed medley
    The books reviewed include a collection of stories from queer Canadian Ivan E. Coyote; a revisionist novel that presents Mordred, the bastard son of King Arthur, as queer; the diary of lesbian author and painter Mary Meigs; and an anthology of essays on black queer studies. Read more

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