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Getting in shape with gay fitness personality Ronnie Kerr

Dylan Vox | February 11, 2007

Ronnie Kerr
BOULDER — It�s that time of year again, when all of those New Year�s vows to spend every waking hour in the gym to have that perfectly toned and muscular body begin to wear off and we start slipping back into our daily routines.

What better way to get motivated and to avoid that pit fall than to have a hot young trainer pulling you through each workout and keeping you focused on that ultimate goal?

For the past decade, Ronnie Kerr has been delighting audiences on the big screen as an actor and performer, but during the day, he has helped keep some of the hottest young bodies in Los Angeles to keep in perfect shape.

His charming sense of humour and extreme work ethic have made him a much sought after guru in the exercise room, but Kerr is no ordinary gym bunny. I had a chance to sit down with this sexy trainer and talk about his time in California, and about his new job as a fitness personality.

Kerr grew up in New Jersey to a proud family that taught strong values and athletic discipline. As a gay man growing up in a small town, Ronnie was lucky to never struggle with his sexuality. He was comfortable being gay and came out to friends and family at a young age.

"It was a pretty easy transition for me," he explains. "My friends and family were very accepting and loving and I felt lucky to grow up in a small town that happened to have a gay bar. I know a lot of young men and women who are gay and are growing up completely isolated from any gay life, so it becomes hard to find things to identify with.�"

Kerr graduated high school and attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University on a full tennis scholarship, but his plans to turn pro changed when his life took an unexpected turn.

"I had always played tennis and had thought that was going to be my role in life, " Kerr says.

However, a serious ankle injury kept him from the court and soon he had to change directions.

"After the injury my focus switched to rehabilitation and gaining strength," he says. "I started to eat better and really dedicated time in the gym because it was the place I felt most comfortable."

As an athlete, Kerr had spent his life striving to be the best, but with his new found confidence a whole new world began to open up.

"During high school I participated in high school theatre and always had a passion for it," he says. "When an opportunity came up to move to Los Angeles I jumped at the chance."

He got his first big break in a low budget sci-fi flick called Absolute Aggression and soon the LA lifestyle began to take hold. Trying to find odd jobs in order to make the audition rounds during the day, Ronnie worked as a waiter, a doorman, bartender, tennis coach and a cashier, but he finally found his niche as a personal trainer.

"I was able to spend time doing what I love when I wasn�t working as an actor, and I feel like that was the most rewarding thing."

Kerr began to take on high profile clients such as Julie Benz, Rebecca Gayheart, Eliza Dushku, Al Santos, Sean Patrick Flannery and Andy Millonikis. While his clients were showing great results, Kerr himself was making great headway on the Hollywood scene with appearances on NYPD Blue, Sister Sister and a slew of action films.

He also became a resident carpenter on the lifetime-hit show Merge, hosted by Lisa Rinna. In 2005, he starred in a small feature film called Regarding Billy, where he portrays a gay man who must return home after the death of his parents to take care of his mentally challenged brother. His moving performance earned Kerr his first major critical praise.

After years of pursuing his dreams in Hollywood, Kerr began to get restless and his passion for acting began to wane.

"It�s not that I wasn�t loving what I was doing, but after ten years of pushing the pavement trying to get ahead in the business it started to take a tool on me mentally."

A chance encounter with former NBA star and newly out basketball player John Amaechi at a gay bar in Chicago proved to be the final straw for Ronnie.

"I was at a gay bar in Chicago where I own a home and John happened to be there," he recalls. "I�d never met him, so I introduced myself said hello and then was on my way. Unfortunately, someone had taken a picture of the two of us together and rumors began to circulate that we had been making out and had left the bar together. Gossip columns like and Perez Hilton began to run the story and before I knew it I had been publicly outed."

Although Ronnie had always been out in his personal life, he didn�t feel it was other people�s business who he slept with.

"I actually feel sorry for actors who are hounded day in and day out about their sexuality," he says. "It shouldn�t matter to the rest of the world what you do with your personal life, but for some reason, we have become a nation dying to out celebrities."

After ten years in the business, Kerr packed up his life and headed to the new frontier in Colorado.

"The people that I trained in LA were healthy people trying to achieve perfection. Now I am able to do something which I truly feel is rewarding because the people I work with now are getting a total life make over. I�m helping them to help themselves, and that is the most rewarding feeling."

Kerr may be focusing his energy on his new gym and training techniques, but the Hollywood life hasn�t let go of him yet. He just finished filming the third season of Coyote Ugly in Denver and has been working on a web series called Flab2Fab! in which he trains clients and acts as a true gym motivator trying to whip clients into shape.

Kerr is currently working his magic as the Director of Operations and Marketing for Genesis Fitness in Denver, Colorado

"I truly feel that I have found my calling. Combining my love for the gym and helping people with the magic of cinema is exactly what I was designed to do."

Ronnie also designed a unique workout for that demonstrates just how he got those incredible arms.

Ronnie Kerr Bicep workout

  • Warm up with 5 minutes of cardio: The treadmill is great, but jumping jacks can work if you aren�t at the gym.

  • Bicep curls using a stretch band. You can use light weights as well but a band is the best. Each set lasts one minute. First 30 seconds curl both arms together, the second 30 seconds piston your arms. As one arm goes up the other goes down, the second 30 seconds needs to be much faster to get a good inner burn. 30 seconds rest between sets.

  • E-z bar curls 4 Sets 10-12 reps

    Make sure you turn to the side and watch the mirror. The weight will not go as high as you would expect, Do not move your shoulder at all in this exercise. It is bicep specific. Squeeze your muscle, You can go lighter in weight and get one heck of a burn.

  • Dumbbell curls 3 sets 8- 10 reps Here you are looking to go a bit heavier and when you start fatiguing, if you do not have a spotter, then you can use a little momentum to get the up. You will find sitting down is tougher.

  • Prisoner pull-ups 3 Sets till failure . Prisoner pull-ups are done with palms facing towards you and your hands touching. Very difficult.

  • Preacher curls using dumbbells 3 sets 10-12 reps

    This workout is done in a specific order and I think you will find it quite challenging and the weights you are used to using will have to be dropped. – Issued by USN

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