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Workout 101: Part 7 of 10

Back on the wagon and trudging along at a steady pace

Ross von Metzke | 03 November, 2006

After my embarrassing tumble off the back of the wagon in which I actually convinced myself that doing 20 push ups and some jumping jacks in between restaurant visits and cocktail hours might actually make up for only going to the gym a couple of days a week, I had some ground to make up.

Didn�t lose any weight, didn�t gain any weight. In fact, I was quite lucky – not much seemed to happen at all. That is if you count my energy level hitting rock bottom and me going from avid gym bunny to the guy most likely to spend the evening with nip/tuck and Haagen Daas nothing!

I had to get back on my game – and considering month three is the toughest of all, that was, well � tough.

Month three, for those of you following along with David Rich�s workout found at, is the month when you dedicate yourself to the specialized workout of your choosing. Arms, Legs, Shoulder, Back? Whatever�s gonna get you through the day.

Since my goal is to gain weight and muscle mass, I chose the back. It�s where the most muscles can be found plus I�m getting pretty good at it, so I wanted to push myself further. Come Friday, I�ll switch to either a) shoulders or b) arms, depending on what David suggests after reading this article (See, bud, now I�m giving you some damn homework).

You�d think a specialized workout would kick your ass. After all, four days a week, 25 minutes a day dedicated to strengthening my back and my back alone. I frankly thought it would kill me, which is probably why I tiptoed around starting month three for so long while I was on vacation.

But imagine my surprise when after a week and a half of the back I�m not only very much alive, I feel amazing. Sure, the workout is tough (four exercises, three sets, anywhere from six to 15 reps, four days a week � and that�s just back, not to mention the full body workout I do for a half hour each day following), but something about it feels designed to pump you up – give you just the kick in the ass you need to devote an hour in the morning, evening, whenever you can fit it to getting your butt in the gym.

So I�m regular again – not just regular, excited. Perhaps the fact that I went out on Halloween and a co-worker told me, �Damn Ross, look at your arms� helped, but I�d like to think it was also the way I felt after finishing that first workout � like I could see results in the middle of doing it.

So here�s the deal. A couple more days of this back stuff and I�m on to shoulders or arms (per our discussion earlier). When that�s done, I go into month four and voila, the big reveal, right before Xmas which, if done correctly, shoots this all to hell (I promise, I�ll stop at two helpings of stuffing).

It�s not too late to jump on the cart and try this stuff out. and are literally busting at the seams with workout tips, routines and guides to whip you into shape. And trust me – if I can get past a mid routine slump, anyone can, because nobody likes TiVo and a Bon Bon quite like I do.

Thanks for caring, for gushing at the pic of David (I�m assured new ones to come next month) and for getting off your ass and giving this a go. Until next time. – Issued by Gay Link Content

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