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Workout 101 – Part Six of Six
(plus four to grow on)

Ross von Metzke | 13 October, 2006

David Rich
I fell off the wagon. I mean I fell off, the damn thing ran me over and then, when I just lay there with no intention in hell of trying to get back up, the wagon threw it in reverse and clobbered my ass again.

Travel – it�s a bitch.

Six days in Minneapolis, seven in Stockholm and Copenhagen and a huge work deadline in between. Add to that the fact that there�s good eating to be had in all these cities and the Stockholm Hilton�s idea of a gym is two exercise bikes and a broken stair climber and I had the cards stacked against me.

Not that I didn�t try� a tad.

In the past 30 days, I�ve been to the gym 8 times. That�s about 25% of my days, which is about 40-45% less than I need to be going. And since this month, month three of my quest to gain muscle, a six pack and parade confidently through the club in nothing but too tight jeans and a smile, was all about specialized routines, I severely bit the big one.

Insert apology to David Rich here! I have failed you.

Or have I?

You see, the strange thing is, I didn�t really lose any traction. I lost momentum and drive, which I know is sometimes a bitch to get back, but in terms of progress, I�m still weighing in at 162lbs – that�s 5 lbs more than I was when I started – my stomach is still a four (teetering on five) pac (and if one more person tells me there are actually eight abdominal muscles, I�m going to shove a Ho-Ho down their throat and shoot �em). And, shockingly enough, the veritable meat and carbs tour I took of Europe doesn�t seem to have taken too much of a toll.

Why, you might ask? How is this possible? It�s so unfair?

Well, while I fell victim to the fact that LA Fitness didn�t follow me around on my world travels, I did pick up a thing of two from David Rich (and a few of his training predecessors) along the way. First of all, one of the reasons Europeans are so much thinner than Americans is that they walk – and when in Rome (or in my case, Stockholm) you walk too. I think I probably averaged about 3 miles a day, give or take. I also kayaked a river, biked half the lakes in Minneapolis and, just because I like to get out and have fun, and spent three hours on the dance floor of Club Patricia losing myself in Madonna�s latest remixes.

Secondly, though I didn�t have much in the way of weight training equipment around me, I used what I could find. Solid chairs with sturdy arms are the perfect support for pushup variations, tricep workouts and, if you�re truly coordinated, a good ab workout. I can do my hundred squats a day anywhere and lunges, well� Euro hotel rooms are notoriously tiny, but if you spot the wall and keep it contained, you can make it work.

OK, so I guess I�m not that lazy. I didn�t go out of my way to workout, but I also didn�t want to backslide to square one. So, while it pains me to say I won�t be taking my shirt off for you all today (you knew I�d find a way to worm my way out of this), I do have some good news.

More of David shirtless.

Ha,ha,ha�I knew you�d like that.

But seriously�since I wasn�t able to give Month 3 at Fitness Model Body a fair shake last month, I�m starting it tomorrow. Yes, I�m gonna drag my ass out of bed at 6am and hit the gym, five days a week for the next month. I�m not traveling and I�m out of excuses, so here we go.

Which is further support for this next push – plenty of time to join me. Because I�m gonna go at this another two months. Part 6 of 6 just became part 6 of ten, so get off your ass, check out or, suit up and join me.

I�ll check in two weeks from today so you know I didn�t die in the process.

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