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Workout 101 – Part Five of Six
Ross von Metzke finds his motivation ... and tries not to lose it

Ross von Metzke | 01 September, 2006

David Rich
Remember that part of the last column where I said I woke up excited every morning to work out?

Yeah, still waking up in the morning, but I�m not quite sure excited is the right way to describe it.

Some days I�m raring to go � some days I want to beat the living crap out of David Rich, his Web based workout plan and whatever lame ass came up with the idea for this f-ing story in the first place.

Oh yeah, it was my idea – my way of ensuring I�d actually get my ass up every morning and go to the gym. Because if I fail, it�s not just me I�m letting down, but every last one of you who reads this column, which on any given week could be anywhere from 10,000 people to my mom.

OK, all joking aside, I think I may have finally found that rhythm any gym going person with a goal eventually finds – the �somedays its easier to get out of bed and workout than others� rhythm.

Take Monday. I�d gone to bed the night before at 10:30 pm (true, I should have been scanning the post Emmy coverage for fodders for the sites this week, but I was tired and frankly sick of watching Megan Mullally asked for the ten-thousandth time, �how do you feel now that the show�s over?�), managed 8 hours sleep. I was feeling good – no great, actually.

I got to the gym just past eight, warmed up with 10 minutes of abs (if you�ve joined the program at, you�ll find a kick ass abs workout that you can do virtually anywhere under the videos for month two) and made my way over to the weight training section. Eight Drop-Set exercises, three or four sets each. Four sets of back. Four sets of chest. Four quads, three hamstring, four triceps, biceps, three calves, three forearms. Yeah, that�s right, I dedicated myself � even made sure to get a protein shake right after so all of my work would be maximized.

And then I rose Tuesday to do it all again, only this time, I�d only had six hours sleep (the result of one too many hours spent staring at the computer screen trying to balance my checkbook – that damn math teacher was right, I would need it) and far too much tea right before I finally did go to bed. So, whereas Monday I rose with ease, Tuesday, I had to fight myself every inch of the way – I even required a shower to wake up before the gym.

The result? Not my finest workout. But as I�ve heard several times from David and virtually every other trainer worth his hourly fee, giving your all to a work out when you don�t have much to give is still better than no workout at all. So I did my drop sets with a little less oomph (and a little less weight) and managed to work my way into a brief version of that ten minute ab workout.

And you know what�s funny?

Tired and unmotivated as I was, I actually felt better and ready to face the day when all was done.

That energy carried over into yesterday morning when, for the second time in a week, I managed something I previously found unfathomable. I did a full 40 minutes of cardio.

Now some of you are probably saying �Wow. He ran! Big deal!� How little you know me. I�m the kid who used side craps, bad knees, asthma (I�d have pulled the �I�m on my period� card if I thought I had a shot in hell of pulling it off) to get out of running as a kid. And, as an adult, my alleged 40 minutes of cardio capped out at 15, 20 max.

But in recent weeks, I�ve found mixing it up is the way to go. Fifteen minutes on the treadmill, followed by 10 minutes on the stairmaster, followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical. Sometimes I jump rope. Sometimes I hike. This morning I even made nice with the rowing machine. The point is if I break it up, it doesn�t feel like 40 minutes. It feels like three different workouts and that I can wrap my brain around.

As for the physical results, well, I�m topping the scales now at a whopping 163lbs, meaning I am 6 pounds heavier than I was when I started. I�m not checking body fat percentage. The fact that the belly roll on the side of my waist has all but disappeared tells me I�m moving in the right direction. And with any luck, when I take my shirt off next week for all of you to see, it won�t have magically reappeared.

So there we are folks. My update in a nutshell. Those of you who have been following along with the program, check out some of these extra workouts David tags on to the end (barbell workouts, ab workouts, beach workouts). On a day when you need a little inspiration, the sudden change up goes a long way toward helping – trust me.

Those of you who haven�t been and just read this because you look forward to laughing at my ass when I stumble and fall, thank you for reading (every hit helps) but I really wish you�d get off your butt and join us.

Until next time (when David�s pics make way for my reveal), thanks for reading and happy exercising.

For more information on David Rich�s workouts, visit and

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