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New drink from USN


Energy Cola

A unique, great tasting carbonated cola energy drink, fortified with vitamins and metabolic enhancers.

Special Features:
Fortified with nutritional additives

Taurine: One of the most important amino acids synthesized in the body. The building block of all the other amino acids, from which proteins are made. Helps to protect the brain, heart muscle, liver and helps protect the body against excessive alcohol consumption damage. Taurine also plays a role in combating physical and emotional stress.

Glucuronolactone: Naturally occurring chemical compound found in the liver and derived from glucose. Glucuronolactone helps the liver to detoxify, elevates mood, helps fight fatigue, improves carbohydrate metabolism, helps improve memory and concentration and can have a stimulating effect.

Vitamin B6: An essential water soluble vitamin. Involved in many metabolic processes in the human body, especially the synthesis of proteins from amino acids, the conversion of amino acids to carbohydrates or fats for energy, the formation of hormones and the formation and maintenance of the nervous system.

Vitamin B12: Another essential water soluble vitamin. Necessary for the normal processing of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Also essential for the formation of the nervous system, red blood cells and DNA replication.

Caffeine: Not a nutrient but a stimulant. Scientific studies have shown that caffeine plus glucose can improve secondary memory and speed of attention.

Unique selling features and benefits:
  • Great tasting cola drink.
  • May increase mental and physical energy.
  • Nutritional additives may help to protect the brain, heart, muscle and liver against damage and help to promote protein synthesis, nervous system functioning, detoxification and general mood and well-being.
  • Contains no aspartame
  • The most energizing cola drink on the market

    Who can use it?
    Any individual looking for an immediate energy boost during the day or during sporting events.

    Who should avoid using this product?
    Pregnant and lactating women
    Diabetic patients
    Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine & other listed ingredients

    Carbonated water, flavourant, taurine, caramel, sugar, phosphoric acid, flavourant, caffeine, glucuronolactone, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12

    Special Notice:
    Caffeinated beverages should be consumed in moderation as excess stimulation can cause heart palpilations, anxiety, nausea, dizziness and insomnia.

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