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NEW - USN's Recover Max


Product category
  • USN New Endurance range / Sports performance

    Key features, advantages & benefits
  • USN's Recover Max is precisely formulated as a post training recovery drink, and/or a comprehensive energy, amino acid, and electrolyte replacement drink to use during long periods of intense physical activity such as Iron Man events, marathons etc. as well as shorter, highly intensive activities like spinning, power-lifting, weight-lifting, rugby scrummaging etc.

    Who should take it
  • All athletes wanting to improve recovery, and maximise muscle repair

  • No side effects

    Approximate retail price
  • Approximately:
    R86 — 500g
    R154 — 1kg

    Product sizes
  • 500g & 1kg Tubs

    Product flavours
  • Orange, Grape and Lemon/lime

    Directions of use
  • Take 1 serving in 600ml of water immediately following training or competition Stir with a fork, don't shake; some foaming may occur due to the high protein concentration.

    Supplement Facts
     Amount per serving: Serving Size: l  95 g 1596 kJ / 380 kcal
     Energy   20g
     Protein   67g
     Carbohydrates   0g
     Fat   760mg
     Potassium   97mg
     Vitamin C   7.1mg
     Pantothenic Acid 70mg   465mg

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