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New product — The latest thinking in Energy Drinks


Colin Moss "My body is sensitive to sudden fluctuations in blood sugar" says Colin Moss, one of the many celebrities who have included USN supplements in their lifestyles. "A proper sports drink makes a huge difference – not only when I'm training, but in coping with my active schedule."

The new international thinking in sports drinks is that they should contain far more than an elementary blend of sucrose and sodium.

A sports drink that contains sodium alone leads to an imbalance in the body's sodium potassium ratio, thereby affecting basic cellular function. A balance of electrolytes is essential in controlling hydration, nervous impulses and muscle contraction. An imbalance of electrolytes will result in cramping, dehydration and slow recovery.

A real sports drink should contain a low GI carbohydrate

Leading international sports scientists have identified the importance of a low glycemic index, or GI, in diets aimed at peak physical condition.

EnerG, the new state-of-the-art sports drink developed by the award winning company USN, offers athletes a low GI plus a finely tuned balance of fructose, multidextron and essential electrolytes.

EnerG is the first South African sports drink to take cognizance of the GI, replacing sucrose with the low GI carb Fructose. Although a lot more expensive, fructose is a far healthier alternative to sucrose and the optimum ingredient to endurance training and muscle recovery.

Compared to high GI sports drinks, EnerG will prevent premature fatigue, replenish muscle and liver glycogen and speed up recovery time.

When selecting a Sports Drink – Read the Label!

Does the sports drink contain the full spectrum of electrolytes essential to muscle recovery? Does it take the GI index into account?

If the sports drink contains nothing more than the elementary mix of sucrose, water and sodium, it's just not a sports drink.

EnerG is the only sports drink available in South Africa with a low GI and the correct balance of electrolytes.

Benefits of EnerG

  • EnerG is the first energy drink to take the glycemic index into account.
  • EnerG maintains glucose levels in the body.
  • EnerG is safe for diabetics.
  • EnerG is a healthy alternative for dieters and the health conscious.

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