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New product — GAKtech


1) GAKtech: Strength Enhancer; immediate increase in strength

Product Category
2) USN Muscle Growth & Support

Key features, advantages & benefits
3) USN's GAKtech is formulated with Glycine, Arginine & KIC. Studies show that when all three ingredients are taken together, in the exact ratio, it can immediately boost your strength levels by 10.5%, allowing you to lift more weight and complete more reps in every set.

Who should take it
4) Individuals and athletes wanting to increase muscle strength, power and endurance and those wanting to enhance muscle performance and delay fatigue

5) No side effects ; always drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Do not exceed one serving in a 24 hour period

Approximate retail price:
6) R395.00

Product sizes
7) 128 Caplets in the container

Product Flavours
8) No Flavour

Directions of use
9) Take one serving of GAKtech 45 minutes before a high intensity training session four times a week.

10) Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: Serving size 8 Caplets  Amount per Serving
 Glycine-L-Arginine-Ketoisocapric Acid Calcium  10.2g

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