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New product — Vo2Max: Broncho-Modulator


1) Vo2Max: Broncho-Modulator

Product category
2) USN New Endurance range / Sports performance

Key features, advantages & benefits
3) USN's Vo2Max is formulated to increase oxygen uptake and Ventilary Breakpoint, this helps the athlete to push harder for a longer period of time. Vo2Max can increase your body's formation of ATP, which allows your muscles to work for longer periods with delayed fatigue. Vo2Max contains phosphates which buffer lactic acid which forms around the muscles following moderate to intense exercise. Lactic acid hampers performance and is responsible for the soreness and stiffness experienced after physical activity. Buffering the lactic acid build-up will also prevent catabolism in the muscle.

Who should take it
4) All speed, power and endurance athletes wanting to improve performance, increase lactate tolerance and maximise tissue oxygenation

5) No side effects; always drink at least 2 litres of water per day

Approximate retail price
6) Approximately R195 per Container

Product sizes
7) Container with 80 Caplets (40 servings)

Product flavours
8) No Flavour

Directions of use
9) General use: Take 2 Caplets 30min prior to workout on an empty stomach 4 day loading phase for a specific competitive Sporting event: Day 1&2 2 Caplets 3x a day Day 3&4 4 Caplets 3x a day

Content table
10) Supplement Facts
 Serving Size: 2 Caplets  Amount per Serving
 Sodium Triphosphate  1000mg
 Magnesium Orotate  1000mg
 Siberian Ginseng  200mg
 White Willow Bark  200mg
 Germanium  50mg
 Vinpocetine  10mg
 Folic Acid  400mcg
 Vitamin B12  50mcg

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