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USN�s CytoPower is an extremely effective performance enhancing supplement that is scientifically formulated for the competitive athlete who wishes to experience explosive but sustained energy for the full duration of a competitive event or training session.

This unique formulation has successfully been shown to reduce lactic acid build-up during intense physical activity and after exercise to prevent muscle soreness and cramping.

CytoPower supplies the essential co-factors necessary for rapid energy conversion and efficient carbohydrate assimilation. Research has shown that following an intense workout or physical event, it takes the body up to six days for l-glutamine levels to return to normal without supplementation.

A powerful blow of 1000mg free form l-glutamine and l-glutamic acid is added to USN�s Cytopower.

Branched chain amino acids are added to delay the onset of muscle breakdown during intense exercise. This improves muscle strength and endurance. CytoPower is your answer to prevent, or beat the over training syndrome and replace adequate electrolytes, phosphates and amino acids for optimum physical performance.

  • Rapid Muscle Recovery
  • L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen Increase
  • Sustained Energy and Electrolytes

     Pack size:  900g (36 servings) and 400g
     Flavour:   Refreshing Orange, Grape and Lemon-Lime

    Nutrition Information
     Serving Size: 1 level scoops (25 grams)  each 25g serving contains:
     Energy   71 Calories
     Fat   0g
     Protein   0g
     Sodium   80mg
     Potassium   380mg
     Calcium   95mg
     Magnesium 70mg   70mg
     Carbohydrates total 18g  Complex 7g
    Sugars 11g

    Also provides per serving:
     L-Glutamine (free-from amino acid) 1000mg  1000mg
     BCAA's 500mg   500mg
     Chromium Polynicotinate   200mcg
     Ascorbic acid   415mg
     L-Carnitine   500mg
     Taurine   200mg

    How does every component contribute?
     Fructose, Long chain glucose polymers, and Dextrose monohydrate: A blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that replenishes glycogen energy stores. Magnesium lactate, and Potassium phosphate, replenishes the huge demand for magnesium (prevention of cramps) and potassium induced by strenuous physical activity. Guarana: Caffeine is a natural performance enhancing stimulant that also enhances alertness. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increases the release of adrenalin, increase the use of body fat as fuel, and spares muscle glycogen. L-Glutamine: This abundant amino acid is lost as part of waste that results from the use of energy. Glutamine is important to retain Nitrogen and to convert the cell to an anabolic state. It also stimulates higher secretion of growth hormones to the cells. Siberian Ginseng: An ancient Chinese tonic that helps you to withstand stress, it sharpens physical and mental performance by restoring vitality during times of overwork or illness. It enhances immunity and helps fight chronic fatigue. It also supports sexual function and may improve fertility in both sexes. Has also shown to ease symptoms of menopause and boost mantel alertness in people with Alzheimer's disease. Citrus Aurantium: As part of Cyto Power, synephrine acts as a potent energy supplier to the body from fat stores, amongst others.

    Chromium Polynicotinate:
     Reduces fasting blood sugar by 18% and significantly improve blood sugar stability. If it can do that with patients whose insulin system is shot, it may do even more for athletes and active individuals. White Willow bark extract: The principal active ingredient is called "salicin" which is called aspirin in medical terms. White Willow bark is used in fat burning stacks to thin blood to improve better blood circulation to transport body fat to burn for energy. It also increases the active time for the other ingredients in the stack. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): This is certainly one of the best-known vitamins. The general application of Vitamin C is to fight off scurvy by helping to form collagen, the white fiber's of your skin, bones, and connective tissue. For active individuals the key function of Vitamin C lies in its antioxidant functions.

    Not for use by:
     Diabetics  Persons under 18 years

    Recommended use:
     Mix a level scoop in 750ml of cold water. Begin drinking 20 to 30 minutes into exercise. Consume 100ml every 15 to 20 minutes. Have another full serving directly after exercise and sip slowly over 30 to 50 minutes.

    Suggested retail:
    900g - R200
    400g - R115

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